Hello there,

We regret to inform you that we have now permanently shut our doors. Sadly, the effects of the lockdown have been devastating, leaving us with no choice.
Like thousands of other small businesses worldwide, we tried our very best to survive but got to a point where this was simply no longer possible.
Thank you for so many years together - it has been our pleasure and privilege to empower so many young people and work with so many families who care deeply about animals.
Saying goodbye is truly heart breaking.
To our regular clients and long-time sitters - please do continue working together. Though we are out of the picture, we hope the relationships you've built will last.
Arrangements were made for all refunds requested by 10 June 2020. Regrettably, we are unable to process any further refunds. The company is now in the process of liquidation, and anyone with credits on file may contact the Master of the High Court. The company registration details: Student Tutors CC 2011/067176/23.
Thank you, once again, for a wonderful journey.