Home to Gauteng's brightest and most reliable tutors and pet sitters, StudentCo strives to provide services that are both professional and affordable.

    After being matched with a suitable pet sitter, you will be sent a detailed profile (including info like client reviews). A 100% free meet-and-greet will then be arranged for you to openly discuss your needs and expectations and decide if you would like to make a booking.

    We offer 3 different services to suit your needs:

  1. Daily visits (1 hour per day; R125/day)
  2. Twice-a-day visits (2 hours per day; R185/day)
  3. Stay-overs (your sitter provides a live-in service; R200/night)
  4. We never charge extra for short bookings, big families or bookings over holiday times like Christmas and Easter - you will always be quoted at a standard and affordable rate.

    Daily doggie walks are already included in our standard rates.

    All pet- and home care duties are taken care of during your holiday.

    Updates and pictures of your pets will be sent to you on a daily basis.

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    Three different services to suit your needs:

  1. Intensive test and exam preparation
  2. Regular, weekly tutoring for problem subjects
  3. Daily homework assistance
  4. Find a tutor for any school subject (grade 1 - 12) and most university modules.

    Your tutor will assist you in the language of your choice - English or Afrikaans.

    Rates are kept affordable - pay only for what you use. No pricey packages.

    See your tutor in the comfort of your own home, at times convenient to you.

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Interested in becoming a tutor or pet sitter?


What are the benefits of having private tutors in Centurion and Pretoria?

  • You will have an enthusiastic tutor who will motivate you to learn more
  • Tutoring will enable to you have lessons on an individual basis. One on one sessions are often more useful than sitting in a class.
  • Private tutors in Pretoria and Centurion will boost the attitude that you have towards a subject. A positive frame of mind will improve your ability to understand and remember what you learn.

At StudentCo we are always looking for new additions to our tutoring team and becoming a tutor in Pretoria will have lots of benefits for you. Tutors are able to provide a valuable service to those who are in need of academic assistance and they are able to guide someone with the knowledge that they have gained from their own studies.

House sitters in Pretoria and pet sitters in Pretoria: For your home security and peace of mind

In addition to providing quality and trusted tutoring, StudentCo also provides house and pet sitting services. Using house sitters in Pretoria and pet sitters in Pretoria is ideal for those going away for weekend breaks as well as those taking long holiday breaks, as StudentCo’s house and pet sitters will ensure that your home is protected and that your pet is well taken care of.

Tutors in Centurion and Pretoria : Your answer to academic setbacks

A tutor is there to give the private lessons that you or your child might need for those school or university subjects that are dragging down the grades. The solutions to helping those struggling with their academic careers lies in the hands of our skilled and talented tutors, each of whom has excelled in the subject that they are tutoring.

Tutors in Pretoria, Afrikaans tutors and accounting tutors in Pretoria are popular choices at StudentCo because our tutors are not only able to provide fantastic private tutoring but they are dedicated to helping those who they are tutoring to excel in their studies and successfully achieve a better academic record.

StudentCo does not focus on one level of schooling or one type of schooling. The tutoring that we provide is an all-encompassing service aimed to tutor primary school children, high school teenagers and even university going adults. We have set rules that are designed to ensure that only the most suitable tutors are available to guide you or your child to a better grade and pass the subjects efficiently.

Tutoring is often done by people who are students themselves but who have successfully completed the subject level that you are struggling with. Our group of private tutors in Centurion can help you out with private lessons. The lessons have a number of benefits that will spill over into other areas of your life. Whether it is a helping hand in the form of Maths extra classes or general tutoring in a subject that you are struggling with, tutoring is going to guarantee some changes in your academic life and beyond. We also offer House and pet sitting services in Pretoria