4 October 2018
4 October 2018,

3 important tips for first time cat owners



We’ve all seen those adorable cat videos on the Internet. Those memes with the doe-eyed, puss-in-boots-like kittens stumbling around and clawing into your furniture. Maybe you’ve finally given in, or have just finally had the opportunity to accept that deep down, you’re really a cat person. Yes, we see through you! Welcome to the dark side…we have cookies! There are, however, just a few important things you need to know about caring for a feisty feline friend.


1. Not all cats are as independent as you think.


Cats make great companions and have even been known to improve moods and reduce stress. They are also useful at keeping mice at bay, already making them a great addition to the household by solving your rodent problem.

One of the most common mistakes people make when adding a feline to their home for the first time is that they assume cats are 100% independent, and therefore require only food and shelter. However, this all depends on the breed you get. Some cats require more time and attention, while others are content to be alone. If you have a busy schedule you should consider a breed that requires less grooming and attention.



2. Make sure you consult the rest of the family!


Be sure to discuss the option of adding a cat to your home with everyone sharing your living space. Also discuss the family members’ roles in the care of your cat, in order to ensure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Another major factor to consider is allergies. If you have other allergies you should test for the feline allergy and, if it’s positive, you should consider choosing a cat with low allergens.

Do your research on housetraining cats, as this can be an easy process if done right, but a disaster if done wrong. Kittens are extremely active and adding a scratching post and fun toys to your home could avoid serious damage to your furniture and clothing. As with all pets, pet insurance is also something you should consider, seeing as veterinary bills can become very expensive. However, if you’ve done all your preparation, cats can become a very valuable addition to your life.



3. Make an appointment with your vet.


Though new kitty’s will likely come home healthy and up-to-date with their important shots, you should take your new fur kid to the vet for a bit of a meet-and-greet so that your vet can get to know him/her right from the start and pick up on any possible red flags that the adoption agency might have missed.

Make a list of any questions you may have about caring for a cat so that your vet can also help you through this difficult, yet exciting, adjustment.


Author: Leone Pretorius

Editor: Andrea Wilkins


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