12 September 2018
12 September 2018,

6 Reasons why rats make better pets than you’d think

Author: Carissa Engelbrecht

Editor: Andrea Wilkins



Let’s talk about rats! Some of us see rats as nothing more than dirty, pesky rodents. Something that your neighbour’s kitty has to catch and eat before the house becomes too infested. On the other hand, there are others who view rats more as companions or friends just like any other pets you may own.

If you’ve ever felt that a rat might make a good pet, here are some interesting facts about rats that prove you are one hundred percent correct!


  1. For a start, rats are very intelligent and quick thinking. This means that they can understand what’s going on around them and can even learn their own names.
  2. They also have incredibly unique personalities, with some being docile and sweet, while others are more mischievous.
  3. Rats are also very low maintenance pets, and can easily entertain themselves with interesting toys in their cages. Though they enjoy playing with themselves and each other, they still love and crave the attention of their owners.
  4. They are surprisingly loving pets and they can bond with their human parents, as well as with other rats. They have even been known to bond with other household pets, such as dogs.
  5. Rat pets are also very healthy and are immune to many deadly diseases.
  6. They are very clean animals and they even designate a particular area of their cage for their potty area. They do, however, mark their territory with urine. Just be aware of that when considering adopting one!


Remember, rats may not be the most conventional pets to have, but adopting a little rat buddy could be the best decision of your life!



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