28 September 2018
28 September 2018,

8 ways to keep your pets cool this Summer


Author: Carissa Engelbrecht

Editor: Andrea Wilkins



We are currently in the midst of those hot summer days, where even the air itself radiates heat. Ice creams are melting, tar is burning the bottom of innocent children’s feet and it feels like no matter how much ice you put into your drink, it still remains warm. And it’s only Spring!


If we suffer the ill effects of this unforgiving weather, our furry friend most certainly do too. If you’ve ever wondered how to care for your fur children during this very hot time, this list will definitely be of interest to you!


Follow these 8 simple tips to help keep your fluff balls cool, calm and collected this Summer:


1. Make sure water is easily accessible and that there are a few water sources available. You could even put some ice cubes in the water to cool it down.


2. Keep your pets calm – don’t let them run around all crazy, but instead, create a comfortable, indoor environment. Place some cool towels where they usually lie. Make them feel relaxed.


3. For the kitties, place some cold towels and ice packs inside of a box and be sure to put it in a quiet place.


4. Cool your pets down with dampened cloths a few times a day. Even just putting some wet towels on their heads for a few minutes will help cool down their whole body.


5. It’s also a good idea to brush them daily, to avoid matted fur which will prevent the free flow of air.


6. Simply putting on the air conditioning or fan can also be a great way of cooling them down too.


7. Try to keep pets inside during the hottest time of the day (10h00-15h00).


8. Lastly, NEVER EVER keep pets in a car with the windows closed.



Always look out for certain symptoms, like agitation, severe distress, burning hot skin, vomiting, drooling and staggering. Remember that if you don’t treat your fur baby in time, the consequences may be very serious!


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