23 July 2015,

You don’t have to feel the pressure mounting on your academic career when you have tutoring in Pretoria.

Struggling students can be given the extra push by tutors in Pretoria

Struggling students can be given the extra push by tutors in Pretoria

The pressures of succeeding are felt by every student. With both family and the government putting pressure on students to achieve academically, each student struggling to get the grades that they need could use a tutor. Tutors in Pretoria, including Maths tutors in Pretoria and Afrikaans tutors in Pretoria, are a becoming a growing demand and are successfully assisting students from all walks of life.

No one can deny that the standard of education is currently very bad. Not only is the quality of teachers diminishing in many areas but students are dropping out at an alarming rate. A report released in 2014 pointed out that students who complete matric will raise the chances of being employed by a staggering 67%, staggering when you consider that around 1 in 3 South Africans are currently unemployed.

More than ever before South Africans are being given the opportunity to gain a valuable education, whether it is attained by finishing matric or by studying further. The opportunities are there and it is up to the student to grab it, but why not give your child, or yourself, that extra edge by having a tutor in Pretoria? Here are your tutor questions answered.

What is a tutor?

Tutors provide what is known as “shadow education”. As an instructor who specialises in a certain subject, a tutor will become your personal after school teacher who will give you the extra lessons that you need to supplement the subject matter that you are struggling with. They are not there to give you extra lessons on every subject.

In Pretoria, tutors have the knowledge needed to improve a students performance

In Pretoria, tutors have the knowledge needed to improve a students performance

Tutors don’t necessarily need a qualification to teach others. Often the best tutors will be those who are themselves students who have passed the subject that they are now tutoring others in. They are able to get onto the same level as those who they are tutoring. Tutoring can be done in many ways and tutoring online is a popular choice. Tutoring online however has the downside of losing the personal touch and the necessary one on one interaction that people need in order to have an effective tutoring experience.

How do I know if a tutor is needed?

You might be struggling with a tough subject this semester, but do you need a tutor? Is it not safe to assume that most of us are going to struggle with a subject somewhere along the line? It is not unusual to not get a grasp on things the first time around, but when your entire semester, at a college or university in say Pretoria, is marred by failure and you are banging your head against the wall in frustration because you just can’t get it right, it might be time to start looking at your options for tutoring in Pretoria.

Grades that continuously fall despite the best effort being put in, being easily distracted and not being able to manage time effectively are all signs that a tutor in Pretoria might be needed. A tutor is going to be able to pull you right and put you back on track. They will help you to focus and they will make sure that you get through the study material in time for your final exam.

Who would usually take on the job of a tutor?

The answer to this is pretty much anyone with a background or knowledge in the subject that they are tutoring. Tutors in Pretoria are mostly made up of students who have had success with the subject. Occasionally you will find teachers offering tutoring after school hours or retired instructors who are keen to help students better their grades.

Tutors don’t need to have a formal education n tutoring in order to be able to tutor students. As long as the tutor has a grasp on the subject they will be able to provide tutoring.

What educational level do I have to be at in order to get a tutor?

Tutors have the ability to cover all levels of education, from primary school students who are struggling to get a start to the university adult who is just not getting a hang of the work that they are studying. You can choose from a variety of different tutors to get the right tutor for you or your child.

Will tutoring make a difference?

You are already struggling to make head or tail of a subject so will having an extra mind at your study desk actually help you? It is an understandable question to ask, and the answer to this question is that tutoring will help you if you are willing to make it work. Expecting the tutor to work magic without you putting the effort in. You have gone so far to look for help from the various tutors in Pretoria, imagine the success you will achieve if you use their skill and knowledge to improve your academic performance.

Tutors in Pretoria are a great option for students who have difficulty grasping the work

Tutors in Pretoria are a great option for students who have difficulty grasping the work

And if your child is attending a school where teachers regularly go on strike or don’t turn up for classes, having a tutor is guaranteed to make a world of difference. As a parent you want your child to get the best start in life and you can start them off by giving them the best tools for them to get the best quality education.

Where can you get a tutor?

There are two great places to start looking for a tutor; online or you can ask the school or institution you are studying at to recommend someone. You can also ask around among the other students if they have heard of someone who can is doing tutoring. If you are a part of a study group you could also ask them.

At StudentCo we have sourced some great tutors who cover a range of subjects, assisting students from primary school level right up to university level. One on one tutors in Pretoria will transform the way that you approach your studies and they will help you to get through your studies. Reclaim your education and build a future for yourself with the help of tutors in Pretoria.

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