30 April 2019
30 April 2019,

StudentCo’s Pets of the Month

Zeus and Apollo

It is with great pleasure and tons of excitement that we present to you April 2019’s Pets of the Month – the gorgeous Zeus and Apollo. These two beautiful Husky boys are living examples of how adopting a pet from from a rescue centre can change so many lives for the better.

Who nominated them?

Zeus and Apollo were nominated by their StudentCo sitter, Courtney Wright. This is a particularly unique story, as Courtney had actually met the boys years before even becoming their sitter. This is what she said in her nomination:

These two stood out the most for me. I met them a couple years ago at Husky Rescue when I volunteered. Apollo and Zeus were known as the ‘blind boys’ because of the state that they were in – they were blind from infection. Years later, my hair stood on end when I walked into this pet parent meet and greet only to see them living this incredible new life. It was honestly an amazing experience.”

What did their humans have to say?

Dad, Suhail, was so excited to hear that his boys had been chosen as our Pets of the Month and took the time to answer these intriguing questions about Zeus and Apollo.

Everyone loves a good origin story – what was it about Zeus and Apollo that made you decide to adopt them?

“The day we visited the Haven for the first time we had this picture in our heads of having a white and black husky with those sparkling blue eyes as you see in photos and movies, but when we stepped into the enclosure and met Zeus and Apollo, we knew immediately that they were who we needed for our family. Hearing about their background broke our hearts and we decided to adopt them then and there.

Courtney mentioned to us that both huskies have impaired vision – is it difficult to care for not only one, but two special needs fur babies?

“They both went for cataract surgery prior to us adopting them from Husky Rescue. Zeus has approximately 80 percent vision, whilst Apollo’s is better. Zeus occasionally runs into things, but his vision isn’t too bad anymore. We knew that adopting them would not be easy, but we absolutely love our boys. They are just like every other dog, just with a lot more energy!”

Do they have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?

Every time my wife peels a potato, both of them jump up and stand at the kitchen window. Zeus also shuffles his feet at feeding time – it’s the coolest thing. Apollo is just a gentle boy who likes to go with the flow.

Would you describe Zeus and Apollo as adventurous or laid-back?

Zeus is super adventurous. He loves running around and digging holes in the ground. Apollo, however, is very laid back and gentle. He just loves basking in the sun.”

Their perfect day would be…

An early morning walk chasing birds. They are always so lazy after the walk that they basically just lay around for the rest of the day.”

As pet parents we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who are Zeus and Apollo’s absolute favourite human?

Their favorite human is definitely our 9 month old son. They are like siblings. It’s the cutest thing in the world!”

Their favourite food is…

Hmm… chicken and carrots!

Their favourite toy is…

They don’t like toys at all. We’ve tried numerous times with different toys and we’ve had no luck. We always giggle when we sit in the park and watch other dog owners throw a ball and their dog gets all excited and runs after it… we’ve never had that pleasure unfortunately.”

Their favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…

“Definitely Courtney!

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