30 August 2019
30 August 2019,

August’s Pet Sitter of the Month


We are beyond excited to present to you Lezanne, August 2019’s Pet Sitter of the Month! Lezanne has been a very special member of the StudentCo family since February of 2016! She has looked after countless furkids from tons of different families and has managed to earn many, may excellent reviews. It is really a pleasure to have her on our team!

What did the pet parents have to say?

“Lezanne was an absolute star – Remus immediately took to her and when she left on our return, he seemingly wanted to rather leave with Lezanne than stay with mom and dad. I will not hesitate to request Lezanne again – we came home to a very happy and relaxed doggy.” – Remus’ pet parent N. Gerber.


“Lezanne is an absolute star. A very special person! It’s such a comfort to know she’s in control of our home when we’re away. Thank you StudentCo.” – Pet parent Sharron, mother of Pikkewyn and co.


Lezanne is an absolute gem! Azu & Maya were very happy and well cared for. Our house was left clean, neat and tidy. We are extremely happy with the service provided!! Thank you kindly!!” – Pet parent Aldo, father of Azu and Maya.

How about some feedback from Lezanne herself!

Lezanne was super excited to hear that she had been chosen as our pet sitter of the month. She even took the time to answer these exciting questions about herself:

As a StudentCo pet sitter, it goes without saying that you are a BIG fan of animals. Please tell us about the animals you consider to be your family.

The animals I consider to be my family are my three dogs. I have two Jack Russells – Misty and Chloe – and one White Swiss Shepherd named Balto. Misty and Chloe are 9 this year and Balto is 7. They are definitely like my children, as they are always in the house and sleep on the bed as well. I also have a hamster named Nala.”


Is there an animal charity or cause that is close to your heart? If so, please tell us more about them.

I do not have a specific charity that is close to my heart, but I have been to Wollies the most. They provide visitors the opportunity to interact more with the animals, and so I love being able to walk the dogs to give them a small sense of freedom.”

What is your favourite thing about working as a pet sitter?

My favourite thing about working as a pet sitter is definitely meeting all the families’ fur kids and seeing how different each fur family is from the other. It definitely adds a lot of love, laughter and excitement to my pet sitting experiences.”


If you could have an up-close encounter with any type of wildlife, what would you choose?

I would definitely choose Bengal tigers, as they are my favourite animal.”


If you HAD to pick, would you say that you are a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

Definitely a dog person. I have always wanted a cat, but then I would want one with a dog’s personality. Dogs are always around you and love you unconditionally. “

Tell us something surprising about yourself?

I love living an active lifestyle and love hiking.


What are you studying, and what do you dream about doing once you have completed your course?

At the moment I am studying Animal Health. I have always wanted to become a vet, but my passion really lies in Wildlife Rehabilitation.”


Any funny animal stories or memories you think our pet parents would enjoy?

“The most funny stories involving animals would definitely have to be about my own, from my Jack Russell Chloe catching a Hadeda twice her size, to her visiting our neighbours without us knowing by jumping our 3m high wall.

Balto, my White Swiss Shepherd, eats flying ants out of the pool once they have fallen in. Chloe also once jumped our wall when we were not home and we couldn’t find her. We ended up calling her name, and later she came running frantically down the street to us. She had never been so happy to see anyone before. Needless to say she never escaped again.”

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