30 August 2019
30 August 2019,

StudentCo’s Pets of the Month

Sugar, Spice and Fudge

We are so excited to present to you August 2019’s Pets of the Month – Sugar, Spice and Fudge! These three doggy brothers and sisters give their mom and dad a lot of grey hairs, but it seems like everyday with them is a new adventure. They are very well loved. 

Who nominated Sugar, Spice and Fudge?

Sugar, Spice and Fudge were nominated by their regular pet sitter, Alexis W! She has been their surrogate furbaby mommy for well over two years now and in her nomination she had this to say:


“For August’s pet of the month I would like to nominate Sugar, Spice and Fudge. These doggies are so special, I don’t even know where to start! I have been pet sitting with this family regularly for about two and a half years now and the doggies have become like my own!

Firstly there’s Spice. Spice is such a character with a real sense of humour. Her favourite past time when I look after them is jumping into the pool (even in the middle of winter!), running through the garden bedding to get a nice layer of mud on her paws and then running through the house! She sprints as fast as she can to try and get as much mud as possible spread through the house and always looks so chuffed with herself afterwards

Secondly we have Sugar. She is Spice’s sister but in my opinion they are complete opposites. Sugar is a very serious dog. She always looks as if she is pondering the meaning of life. She is very well behaved and very caring towards humans. One year I was pet sitting with the family over New Year. I was in bed asleep and a fire cracker went off nearby. Sugar jumped from where she was lying on the bed directly onto my face as if to protect me from the imminent danger.

Lastly we have Fudge. As the only male doggie you would expect him to be the boss. This is definitely not the case. He seems a very strong and serious dog but he is actually just a little bundle of love. When I come to stay, he gets so excited to see me arrive that he will wiggle his entire body, not only his tail. Wherever I sit, when he wants attention he will come up to me and flop his head onto my lap and give me the puppy dog eyes which always makes me stop whatever I’m doing to give him some love!

These three doggies are so special and so sweet! They are so well loved by their parents (who have been loyal StudentCo clients for a very long time) and I think they need some well deserved fame.

What did their hoomans have to say?

Mom, Nadia, couldn’t believe that her three little darlings had been chosen as StudentCo’s Pets of the Month. Here are some adorable questions that she answered about her kids.


Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Sugar, Spice and Fudge become part of your family?

When we got married we got Sugar and Spice, two sisters, as our first Christmas gifts to each other. It wasn’t long until every rule was broken and they were sleeping on the beds and running all over the furniture. We may pay the bills but our dogs rule the house. We had another beautiful Spaniel we adopted we named Pepper, we lost him after a battle with cancer when he was just four. After a while we adopted Fudge in Pepper’s honour. Fudge’s human owner had died from cancer, too.


Naming our furkids is always fun – how did you choose the names Sugar, Spice and Fudge?

Sugar and Spice were named because they were, well… everything nice. Fudge was already called Fudge and we kept his name. It fit in well enough with the names anyway.”


Do they have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?

Our dogs are all personality. Spice swims all year around and then does a specific route jumping on all the couches and our bed if the door is open. She loves eye contact and constant affection with her cuddles and will paw you until she gets it.


Sugar is our little diva. She wishes she was an only dog and is completely above the others and can be quite cranky with the others. She is a very sensitive soul and if we have any disagreement or speak about anything other than in calm tones while in bed she comes in between us, puts her front paws on our chest and licks both of us in turns until we speak softly again. She then lies between us at the top of the bed until she’s sure all is in order and then returns to sleep at our feet.


Fudge gets grumpy at night and has to be given treats to come to bed every night. When we trick him with fake treats he won’t follow us for the next few days until he sniffs out the treat. He is very growly and gets crankier as the day goes on. He growls when he plays, he also gives love growls and growls when he’s being cheeky. We have a weird game of trust we have to play. He gives amazing cuddles on the couch, we just have to be careful not to move when he’s fast asleep.


He’d never bite us though (we hope)! They all love to be with us wherever we are and if we go to the bathroom in the night, Fudge will often follow us for love. He whimpers on the weekend if we try sleep in and paces around the bed. It’s not that he needs to go out – we open up for him when he first wakes up but he’ll come back and whimper until we get up and then he wants love and becomes super needy. He’s a morning spaniel. Sugar and Spice give us kisses each morning but only after the snooze –  they wait until the snooze alarm goes off and THEN come and give us kisses.


They also love to howl! The three of them howl in unison at only Hadedas and ambulances. No other bird and no other siren. It is absolutely adorable!”

Would you describe them as adventurous or laid-back?

They love a good bark but are always happy to be wherever we are. They are like sleigh dogs and love going for walks.”


Their perfect day would be…

Going for walks, Spice taking some swims and barking at whatever passes by.”


As pet parents we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is Sugar, Spice and Fudge’s favourite hooman?

Chris – they all adore him. They all love me a lot but I’m definitely second favourite, even though I love them more than Chris loves them (he loves them a lot but I love them too much.)”

Their favourite food is…

Anything we’re eating, although we don’t often give them human food, they still try their luck. They really enjoy the chicken broth we add to their food. We got them burgers once when they were puppies as a treat when we were out with them – they did not approve, but they weirdly love watermelon!”


Their favourite toy is…

They’re not big on toys, just treats. They’ll be enthusiastic for about 10 minutes and then it becomes a hoarding game.”


Their favourite StudentCo pet sitter is…

Alexis, they love her!”


Any other funny memories or stories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

“At our last house we had built off-plan and had a grass only garden. So we went out and got flower pots and fig trees and bought a whole lot of new plants and flowers. We came back in the evening on the first day and saw very black paws. We knew this wasn’t a good sign. Every plant and flower and been dug out and shredded. One potted fig tree and an established lemon tree survived, but a few days later the fig tree was chewed in half, so only the lemon tree made it in the end. It was a very expensive day and we never got to enjoy any of our new plants.

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