9 November 2018
9 November 2018,

How can your fur kid save the life of another animal in need?



The act of donating blood to a fellow human in need is incredibly selfless and noble. There are thousands of people out there undergoing life threatening surgeries, who rely on blood donors in these frightening and difficult times.


This, however, holds true for our furry friends as well. There are just as many injured pooches who rely on the blood of their fellow canine friends to help them in their time of need. This is why pet blood donation is so important. Yes – you heard me! Your best friend can become a blood donor too!


What is the process of donating blood?


According to PetFinder, the process of donating blood is extremely simple, takes about 30 minutes and does not require your fur baby to go under. Blood is taken from a large vein that runs along the neck called the jugular vein. Apart from a bit of swelling around the area where the blood was taken and perhaps a bit of an uncomfortable pup, there are no other negative side effects of this procedure! However, the benefits can be, quite literally, life altering for an animal who really needs it.



Does my dog have a certain blood type?


According to The Dodo, there are five major dog blood groups, including a universal donor, the equivalent of the “O negative” blood type in humans. Greyhounds are frequently used as canine blood donors, as the breed tends to have the type of blood that can be used for all dogs with minimal reactions.


Negative blood types, which are more common in breeds such as Dobermans, Boxers, German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Airedale Terriers and Weimaraners, are often in demand by blood banks — though almost any dog can donate and make a difference.


Can my dog be a blood donor?


Every blood donation programme will have slightly different requirements for its donors, taking into account the health and size of the animal. However, if your dog is scared of the vet, he/she should definitely stay at home, even if he meets the other requirements.



How can my dog become a blood donor?


The best thing for you to do is contact your local veterinarian so that they can do an assessment of your pet to see if he/she is in a healthy physical condition to be able to donate blood. Your vet will then most likely put you into contact with a local pet blood bank so that your generous pooch can help another fur baby in need. <3


Have a look at these animal blood banks near you:


Author: Andrea Wilkins


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