6 June 2019
6 June 2019,

Choosing the right toys for your Dog!

Just like humans, our beloved doggy companions require mental stimulation and exercise. It is natural behavior for them to chew and play, and in order to do this they need toys!

If you have just welcomed a new pet into your home and find yourself walking down aisle after aisle in the pet shop trying to find the right toy for your pet, this brief guide should help answer some of your questions:

The Mighty Ball!

When you began reading this you likely thought that these would be fancy-shmancy toys, but the good old ball provides all the good things – as they come in many variations, they can meet all the needs of your pet – exercise, stimulation and fun!

Chewwy Ball (squishy texture)– provided it is the right size, (not too small) a ball for chewing best for keeping teeth strong and healthy! Generally the best are made out of a durable rubber, so it has some give but is not easily ripped apart.

Balls with holes – handy to provide some mental stimulation. By placing some healthy treats inside the ball, this can keep your pet entertained for at least a of couple hours!

Tennis balls – these are generally all round good (s’cuse the pun hehe!), but the fibers of the material have shown to wear down teeth. Best just for catch games and not leaving around to chew on.

Toys specific for fetch games

As previously mentioned, Tennis balls are all round good for fetch games. Other options include frisbees, where the speed and height of your throw can be adjusted depending on your pets’ abilities. A frisbee is probably the most versatile of retrieving toys. Alternatively, bouncy balls are another awesome toy for fetch games, because as you throw them they will bounce off whatever surface you throw them at, adding to the chase!

Tug-of-war or pulling toys Everyone loves a good game of tug of war! Toy specifically made for these games are generally made of a flexible rubber or plastic, as well as rope. They are what they say they are! Durable and semi-flexible, these toys are usually made with long-use in mind. Pull, tug, shake – bound to provide lots of entertainment! For rope toys, the friction of teeth against the rope is actually really good for dogs as it creates a ‘brushing’ kind of movement.

Now that you have the toys down, it is now just about putting a hooman behind them – you never need an excuse to spend more time with your fubaby! If you are looking for inspiration on some new games to play with your pet, take a look at our other recent article about indoor games with your best pal:

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