5 March 2020
5 March 2020,

StudentCo’s Pet of the Month


February was the month of love, and we are completely head-over-heels for this month’s pet of the month, little Luke Chetty! It was a close call, but Luke won over voters with his dashing smile and heart of gold. As a reward, pet parent Prenisha received a R500 donation from StudentCo to donate to an animal charity of her choice. She chose to donate the money to Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment, where it will go towards helping Neeri and the team at PACT help neglected animals in townships and informal settlements around Phoenix, Durban. ❤️

Who nominated Luke?

Pet sitter Cornelia V nominated Luke and had this to say about him:

Luke is a real busy body and curious explorer. He is always extremely excited to go for walks and makes sure everyone around him knows it. It’s a rare sight to see Luke walking or laying down, as he likes to run around as much as possible. He also LOVES to play fetch and to roll around on the grass. He’s a sweet pug who always manages to put a smile on your face with his big, loving personality.”

What did Luke’s hoomans have to say?

Luke’s mommy, Prenisha, was so excited to hear that her charming furbaby had been chosen as StudentCo’s Pet of the Month! She took the time to answer these cute questions about her favourite little man, and even shared some bonus information about Luke’s sister and fellow adventurer, Leia!

Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Luke become part of the Chetty clan?

“A lady was giving away a litter of pugs. Luke was the last one left and we decided that we would be able to give Luke a super happy and loving home. From the moment Luke was brought into our home, we knew he would fit in perfectly!  Luke has a loving and affectionate personality and loooooooves to cuddle.

Naming our furkids is always fun – how did you choose the name Luke? 

“Being huge Star Wars fans, we decided that our fur kids would be named after the two greatest Star Wars characters of all time. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia – defeaters of the Dark side!

Does he have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile? 

Luke is always super energetic. One can’t help but smile when Luke is around. Luke’s energy is infectious – every visitor falls in love with him.

Would you describe him as adventurous or laid-back?

Luke is an adventurous little boy. Him and his sister, Leia, go on great adventures with Cornelia, their wonderful and loving pet sitter!”

His perfect day would be…

Playing with an automatic tennis ball thrower, so he would never run out of tennis balls to fetch!

As pet parents, we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is Luke’s favourite hooman?

Luke is a mommy’s boy. He loves his mommy a lot!

His favourite food is…

His mommy’s delicious home-made cooked liver and rice that he gets as a treat for him and his sister.”

His favourite toys are…

“Any squeaky ball.

His favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…

“Cornelia van der Merwe!”

Any funny stories or memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

Luke’s sister is quite dominating and very bossy over him. One time she didn’t like that Luke was playing with his ball with his mommy, so she stole the ball from him, and he ended up sitting in a corner very, very depressed!

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