28 February 2019
28 February 2019,

StudentCo’s Pet of the Month – Vlooi!



It brings us great pleasure to present to you StudentCo’s February 2019 Pet of the Month – Vlooi! She is by far our most unique Pet of the Month thus far, due to her being such an adorable and interesting mix. Vlooi is a cross between a Dalmatian and a Dachshund – making her a Dalmachshund. And if that name alone doesn’t sell you, then I don’t know what will!


Who nominated Vlooi?


Vlooi was nominated by her regular sitter Engela Elliott. Even though we received tons of lovely nominations this month, Engela’s nomination really stood out to us. Here’s what she had to say:

“As you can see, she is really one of a kind and very unique! She is a Dalmatian crossed with a Worsie and I feel she deserves a shout out because she is so special to me and I love her so much. Vlooi has this adorable little crooked smile when you call her name. She loves to take naps with me during the day and she will jump on her hind legs when she is excited.

Food is her everything. She will pace up and down while I get her food ready and is the happiest dog in the world when she eats. She loves having her tummy scratched and will almost sit on my lap for attention. That is why I love her so much and that is why she is so special to me.” – Engela.


What did mom have to say?


Mom, Erna, was really excited and surprised when she found out that her fur baby was going to be famous! She even took the time to answer some of these burning questions on everybody’s minds:


Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Vlooi become part of the van Heerden clan?


I bought my adorable little puppy from a pet shop. I just couldn’t resist the Worsie x Dalmatian puppy that was staring back at me with pleading eyes through the cage she shared with her 3 brothers and sisters.”


Naming our fur kids is always fun – how did you choose the name Vlooi?


“She was quite small and all the black spots on her fur made it look like she was covered in fleas.”


Does she have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?


She loves smiling! She’s had some teeth removed and it isn’t pretty, but she loves showing off the few teeth that she still has left. She also knows exactly when its time for food and will remind you promptly at 5pm daily that she is hungry. It’s adorable!”


Would you describe Vlooi as adventurous or laid-back?


She is everything but adventurous! She is afraid of any unknown object or noise and will not venture anywhere without her sister, a Jack Russell cross.”


Her perfect day would be…


Eating and sleeping. That’s all!”

As pet parents we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is Vlooi’s favourite human?


“Like any grandchild, she just loves cuddling up with her Grandmother!”


Her favourite food is…


ANYTHING EDIBLE. Vlooi does not believe that food should go to waste and will eat absolutely anything you give her!”


Her favourite toy is…

She doesn’t like playing. Sleeping is more her thing.”


Her favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…


Definitely Engela! Mom doesn’t even exist when Aunty Engela is around.”


Any funny memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

“The power was out one day when she was still puppy and I lit a candle. She didn’t appreciate the flickering shadows of the candle against the ceiling fan. To this day, if she doesn’t know where a sound comes from, she will always look at the ceiling fan first. I even have to sit in the dark during load shedding because she’s still afraid of candles.”


Author: Andrea Wilkins


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