5 March 2020
5 March 2020,

February’s Pet Sitter of the Month


Congratulations to our February Pet Sitter of the Month, Cassidy S! Cassidy has been a part of the StudentCo team since September 2019, and has quickly become a well-loved sitter, who goes out of her way to ensure that she takes the best care of the furkids that she is assigned to look after. We are so grateful to have such an awesome sitter on our amazing team!

What did the pet parents have to say?

Cassie was absolutely wonderful. She was very understanding to add an extra day for stay overs. Everything was exactly the way I left it. She even gave my dogs a bath! Cassidy did a great job with my dogs, I think they lover her more than me, lol.” – Pet parent Eden, Parent of Amber and Jade.

 “I really liked Cassidy. I was particularly anxious about leaving my babies that it almost made me feel like I didn’t want to go away but after just a day or two in – I was at ease. Cassidy sent me updates twice a day and so many photos and videos of my girls. She also had a rough time staying at our house as the suburb was without power for 40 hours and we were so stressed about it but she handled it like a champ. When she came to drop off the keys – I could see by the way my girls greeted her that they were happy.” – Pet Parent Keegan, Father of Brie and Biscuit.

Let’s talk to the winner!

As a StudentCo pet sitter, it goes without saying that you are a BIG fan of animals. Please tell us about the animals you consider to be your family.

At home, we have two little cuties that rule our life, Lola and Kimi. They will have you throwing any toy that they can find for the entire day – they never get tired of playing fetch. It’s a mad house when they hear and see the leads being taken out to go for a walk.  In the evenings, they are the first to curl up next to you to watch a movie or just get tickles. 

What is your favourite thing about working as a pet sitter? 

I love working as a pet sitter because I am able to spend my free time being surrounded by different animals, which I love, and seeing the different types of personalities that each pet has. 

If you could have an up-close encounter with any type of wildlife, what would you choose? 

I have always wanted to swim with dolphins in the wild. I came close to it in Mozambique; unfortunately we weren’t able to go out to sea because of bad weather.

If you HAD to pick, would you say that you are a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

I am definitely a dog person, but that would never stop me from going to say hello to any animal. 

Any funny animal stories or memories you think our pet parents would enjoy?

When I used to do dog walking, one of the dogs (Hugo, a Swiss Shepard) that I walked was obsessed with his frisbee. It was more like a dummy and he would do anything to have it. When we threw it into the dam, he would take a running leap into the water and swim across the whole dam just to retrieve it. It was quite the sight if you were a bystander and weren’t expecting it. 

Planning a holiday? We can look after your home and pets! Complete a quick enquiry, and we will match you with a suitable sitter near you.

Our sitters take care of your fur kids as per your unique, detailed instructions, sending you daily pictures and updates.

We offer daily visits, twice-a-day visits and stay-overs, ranging from only R130 – R250 per day.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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