28 February 2019
28 February 2019,

StudentCo’s Pet Sitter of the Month – Joseline!



A huge congratulations to Joseline, February 2019’s Pet Sitter of the Month! Joseline has been a very valuable member of our team since September of 2016. In that time, she has managed to accumulate a crazy 33 five star reviews!


What did the pet parents have to say?


Joseline is trustworthy and highly reliable. We are very happy to have her in our home and leave our precious fur kids in her care. Joseline is family.” – Pet parent Telana, mother of Gizmo, Sophia and Jez.


We are very happy with Joseline and will definitely recommend her and StudentCo. Very professional and reliable. And, most importantly, our fluffy kids love her!” – Pet parent Hanlie, mother of Kasper, Charlie and Gizmo.


This is the second time that we have used Joseline and the quality of service was still as excellent as the first day! I will definitely request to have Joseline take care of our pets again.” – Pet parent Chantelle, mother of Vader and Little Guy.


Some feedback from Joseline herself!


Joseline was very excited to hear that she had been chosen as StudentCo’s Pet Sitter of the Month! She even took the time to answer these questions for us:


As a StudentCo pet sitter, it goes without saying that you are a BIG fan of animals. Please tell us about the animals you consider to be your family?


Growing up, I always wanted to have pets but my parents would never let me have any for various reasons. The next best thing was spending time with my cousin’s pets. My cousin had a Jack Russell named Riri and she was basically my baby.”

Is there an animal charity or cause that is close to your heart? If so, please tell us more about them.

Definitely Wetnose. I was first introduced to them during my stay in Katjiepiering and since then it has become a yearly tradition to go. Wetnose is a non profit organisation that shelters abandoned and abused animals.”


What is your favourite thing about working as a pet sitter?


Pets are a different kind of medicine. Whenever I’m stressed or having a tough day, knowing that I have work keeps me going till I get to see my fur babies. They bring a different kind if energy to the table and it always matches exactly what I need. Within 5 minutes, I feel a hundred times better. “


If you could have an up-close encounter with any type of wildlife, what would you choose?

“A giraffe or an elephant.”


If you HAD to pick, would you say that you are a Dog Person or a Cat Person?


“Definitely a cat person.”


StudentCo team members are all students. What are you studying, and what do dream of doing once you have completed your course?


I am currently a final year medical student. The goal is to ultimately became a Cardiothoracic surgeon.”

Author: Andrea Wilkins


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