11 October 2018
11 October 2018,

How do cats choose their favourite human?


You might have noticed before that cats often choose some people over others. While we know many things about cats and dogs, and their long history with humans, only recently are we being exposed to more information that really examines the unique relationship that us humans have with our feline friends. Have you ever wondered how a cat chooses it’s favourite human in the house?


They like the ones who give the goods!


It seems that cats clearly prefer those who feed them, spend a lot of time with them or those who play with them over others. Obviously, they still show affection to the other humans in the house. It is just that they have a more extensive relationship with the individual that they feel cares for them the most.



How do you know if you are the chosen one?


There are a number of ways that cats show their affection. With their favourite people, cats tend to head but them, sit on their laps, purr loudly around them and even follow them around the house. They also enjoy just being near those who give them the most comfort and peace of mind.


What can you do to win the affection of a kitty?


Try not to pet them or pick them up when they are avoiding you. Instead, you should try to encourage the kitty to come to you by reaching out with your hand and waiting for the kitty to rub their cheeks against it. If the cat is feeling secure and social, it will advance to the outstretched hand, touch it with its nose, turn its head and rub it with its cheek. The cat is essentially marking the person with pheromones from scent glands on its cheeks. This is an invitation to pet him/her.



It is clear that in order to become a kitty’s favourite human, you should respect their space and allow them to come to you on their own terms. Once you have succeeded in this, make sure you spend enough time with them and engage them in interesting play!


Author: Leone Pretorius

Editor: Andrea Wilkins


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