30 September 2015
30 September 2015,

It’s official. Tutoring has been proven to reduce fear and anxiety in children, especially those children who struggle with maths. You now have an even better reason to be looking for the assistance of maths tutors and tutoring in Pretoria

Pretoria tutors are not only going to have an effect on the success your child enjoys with maths tutoring but they are also going to have success in easing your child’s anxiety.

Student anxiety can be eased when they have tutoring in Pretoria

Student anxiety can be eased when they have tutoring in Pretoria

In a study that was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, research has proven that tutoring can greatly relieve a child’s anxiety when they are tackling a maths problem. Research into the effectiveness of tutoring is ongoing, with many saying that there is very little definitive proof of tutoring being effective in improving a child’s performance at school. That is until now. This breakthrough research is going to shine the light on the benefits of tutoring that until now the public has not known about.

The study was headed by a professor of psychiatry and social sciences. The team was surprised to find that the use of tutoring could actually reduce the anxiety caused by maths, and they could actually witness this on their MRI screens. And the anxiety was not reduced as a result of being better at maths. Rather, it was a result of the tutoring itself; students were suddenly equipped with a confidence that they did not have before. The “fear circuits” within the brain were actually changed during tutoring which resulted in a breakdown of the intense anxiety that some of these children had experienced.

The general idea behind the study was that the more a child was exposed to something that caused anxiety, the more they would become comfortable with the thing that they feared the most. The more they faced their fears, the more their anxiety was reduced.

So maths tutors in Pretoria and extra maths classes in Pretoria which focuses on tutoring your child and helping them overcome their fears can actually take away the anxiety that your child experiences especially when they are faced with a maths problem.

Maths tutoring in Pretoria in particular has been shown to reduce the stress and anxiety that students experience

Maths tutoring in Pretoria in particular has been shown to reduce the stress and anxiety that students experience

How the test was done

The scientists who carried out the test asked 46 children, who were at the time of the study in grade three, to answer questions relating to their concerns about maths, as well as testing them on other problems, all while having their brains scanned with an MRI machine. The group was divided into two, with one group being identified as having higher levels of maths anxiety. After the initial testing, both groups underwent two months of tutoring and were then tested again. This time the results were different as both groups showed not only an increase in the ability to answer maths problems but their anxiety had also become reduced.

The children who had been anxious were around 20% less anxious after they had been tutored. The results reflected the benefits that one on one tutoring had, the most important benefit being that if a child was given special attention when struggling they were able to overcome the issue.
Scientists could see that the children no longer had their fear circuit active in their brains and that they were overall much calmer.

How using tutoring can reduce test anxiety

Exams and tests give students the most stressful times in their young lives. Think back to the days when you used to have to face the exam hall; do you remember your stomach doing flips and the nerves taking over and making it difficult to think straight? Perhaps you have forgotten the stress that you put yourself under and maybe you have forgotten about the intense come down and exhaustion you experienced after the exam or test. But regardless of your memories, your child is currently going through these exact experiences.

Tutoring in Pretoria can be done by peers and successfully reduce anxiety

Tutoring in Pretoria can be done by peers and successfully reduce anxiety

Tutoring in Pretoria is going to help your child develop the skills that they need in order to tackle exams successfully without the stress that could cause them to become severely anxious. If tutoring is done a few weeks before the exam and is done leading up to the exam, your child will feel much less stressed by the thought of the upcoming test period.

Tutoring while in the examination period is also going to help them to relax while they are taking the test. When a child gets overly stressed it will have an impact on their test performance. Relaxation exercises will include breathing exercises and other ways to calm the body, techniques that can be used in the future.

The symptoms of test anxiety include a combination of physical symptoms, emotional symptoms and behavioural symptoms which include:

• Headaches
• Nausea
• Light headedness
• Feelings of anger and fear
• Difficulty concentrating
• Negative thinking

Severe test anxiety can actually cause very upsetting panic attacks that can set a child back when they are trying their best to get a good test result so keeping an eye out for these symptoms when your child is entering the test period is a good idea.

Now that we have definitive proof that tutoring can have fantastic results, both in the academic performance of the child and in the reducing of debilitating anxiety, it is undeniable that having the assistance of a maths tutor in Pretoria or any other type of tutoring in Pretoria is going to improve performance in every way.

Student Co takes great pride in assisting students of all ages and backgrounds in their academic careers to enable them to go further in their schooling careers and future lives. Providing expert tutoring in Pretoria, and providing expert maths tutors in Pretoria, is what we do best so if you are looking to improve your grades or that of your child, and to reduce your anxiety, let us assist you today.

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