5 April 2019
5 April 2019,

Ideas for Healthy Homemade Doggy Food

When looking at the ingredients on a bag of dog food, you are likely to encounter MANY words you don’t even know how to pronounce, let alone know what they are or mean!

Just like us, our furkids can greatly benefit from wholesome, homemade meals rather than ready-made options. This weekend, why not have a different kind of dinner party, spoiling Rufus with a meal made from scratch?

The 5 building blocks of a healthy meal:

  • A high quality protein – dairy or meat based
  • Fat – which can be found in the meat as above, or added, such as Olive Oil or Coconut Oil
  • Carbohydrates – these in the form of a healthy grain (ground) or vegetables, or even beans!
  • Calcium – from a dairy source OR from crushed egg shells!
  • Essential Fatty Acids – in the form of egg yolks is usually easiest and best (cooked of course, to avoid any harmful bacteria)

The ratios for each ingredient are usually 40% Protein, 10% Carbohydrates (grains and beans), 50% Vegetables. The other minerals are usually found between your other ingredients (calcium, fatty acids). However, the ratios also depend on your furbaby’s own dietary requirements, which of course would be advised by their Vet.

Consider the following doggy friendly super foods to inspire your shop:

  • Apples and Bananas
  • Coconut Oil (aids in digestion, increases energy, relieves the effects of arthritis and ligament issues)
  • Peanut Butter (NOT containing Xylitol and preferably sugar free, really in its most natural form is best)
  • Carrots, Pumpkin and Broccoli
  • Eggs
  • Cinnamon (has impressive anti-inflammatory benefits)

The preparation of this meal is really quite simple – proceed as you would for an ordinary homemade stew. Have fun! Your doggie will be over the moon even if her meal is not exactly approved by the fussier humans ;).

Here’s to lots of happy well-fed pups, thanks to their mom’s and dad’s cooking skills!

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