30 January 2020
30 January 2020,

StudentCo’s Pet of the Month


Starting the year off with a bang! A huge congratulations to Yoda, January’s Pet of the Month. This clever little Collie dog is bursting at the seams with pure energy and excitement! It is very clear to us that he brings his hooman parents and his sister, Obi, a lot of joy in life! ❤️

Who nominated Yoda?

Yoda was nominated by his pet sitter Deirdré V! When we asked our sitters for pet of the month nominations, this was what Deirdré had to say about Yoda: 

“Meet Yoda 😬 When I met him, he was so shy but he really came alive when I asked him if he wanted to play ball. He gives the best hugs and he is such a good listener! I was so sad when I had to leave, but I am super excited for my next visit!

What did his hoomans have to say?

Dad, Pieter, and mom, Leanie, were so excited to hear that their sweet little Yoda had been chosen as StudentCo’s pet of the month! They took the time to answer these adorable questions for us, and even included a bunch information about Obi, Yoda’s best friend and sister!

Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Yoda become part of the Barnard clan?

“We adopted Obi from Ark animal centre when we decided to get a dog. We instantly fell in love with her and had her for about a year before she really needed a friend. We were cautious about getting a second dog, as we loved Obi so much that we couldn’t imagine loving another dog the same way.

Her best friend at the time was a Border Collie cross (and we had our suspicions that Obi has some herding blood in her), so we went to Border Collie Rescue to see if there was anyone special that she got along with. As soon as we put her and Yoda in the playpen together, they started playing and haven’t stopped since. Needless to say, the whole family was smitten with him and now we can’t imagine it any other way!”

Naming our fur kids is always fun – how did you choose the name Yoda?

“When we adopted Obi, the shelter named her “Aphrodite” because of her heart-shaped nose. We loved the idea but needed something shorter and more fitting. We searched for something similar, and Obi means “heart” in Igbo. We were also watching a Star Wars marathon at the time so it made sense. Yoda needed to fit in with his new sister, and it just felt right. His ears are also quite large so he looks a little like Yoda from Star Wars.”

Does he have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?

“When Yoda wakes up in the morning, he stretches with his bum in the air and makes the cutest sound –  like Chewbacca. Obi has the cutest ways of sleeping. Always halfway out of the bed.”

Would you describe him as adventurous or laid-back?

Yoda is quite adventurous, but loves being with us. So wherever we are, he will be. Obi loves exploring and eating!”

His perfect day would be…

Playing ball and running around until the sun sets. Obi loves hunting and sniffing around and getting the best tummy rubs. They both also love training and agility, as they are highly intelligent and eager to please.”

As pet parents, we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is Yoda’s favourite hooman?

Yoda loves his dad but is also really protective of his mom. He loves being around both of us, but is probably more protective of mom. Obi loves anyone who will give some tummy rubs.

His favourite food is…

Liver treats. Obi loves any food.”

His favourite toys are…

His ball! Obi – depends on the day…”

His favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…


Any funny stories or memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

“When I put on my shoes, I usually sit on the floor. He loves sitting on my lap and giving me kisses as soon as I start.

Obi once acted really strangely. She was avoiding eye contact and when I went closer for inspection, I saw something in her mouth. When I opened her mouth I saw 2 little eyes looking at me. She was hiding her gecko friend in her mouth – unharmed!

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