21 January 2019
21 January 2019,

StudentCo’s Pet Sitter of the Month – Ildea!


Ildea with Mila


A huge congratulations to Ildea, 2019’s very first Pet Sitter of the Month! Ildea has been a very valuable member of our team since October of 2017. She is reliable, hard working and always willing to help! She has managed to accumulate twenty one 5 star reviews, four of which were received this past December. She is amazing!


What did the pet parents have to say?


Ildea with Roxy

I am absolutely thrilled with Ildea! I definitely hope she is available every time I need to go away. She is professional, caring and a pleasure to speak with. Thank you so much.” – Pet parent Christine, mother of Mogi and Luger.


“When our dogs get bored, frustrated or have too much energy, they dig holes in the garden. What did we find when we returned? Not a single hole, only happy, calm pups. Thanks Ildea!” – Pet parent Anke, mother of Alex and Hobson.


Ildea is such a kind and sweet lady. We don’t have a doubt in our mind that she is more than capable of looking after our two fur babies. Very happy with her service and the service of StudentCo.” – Pet parent Amelia, mother of Birmingham and Daisy.


Some feedback from Ildea herself!


Ildea was very excited to hear that she had been chosen as StudentCo’s Pet Sitter of the Month! She even took the time to answer these questions for us:


As a StudentCo pet sitter, it goes without saying that you are a BIG fan of animals. Please tell us about the animals you consider to be your family?


Ildea with her baby

Yorkies are very close to my heart, because I have two of my own at home – Gizmo and Pippie. We got Gizmo six years ago. He was the cutest little ball of fluff and to this day he still sits on my dad’s shoulder like a parrot when he gets home from work. He also has his favourite bear that he sleeps with every night. My other baby, Pippie, was given to me on my 21st birthday as a present from my parents. She is quite the little devil, as she always tries to steal poor Gizmo’s bear and thinks she can get away with it. She pushes the limits and totally rules the house, but she is such a sweetheart, so we let her get away with murder!”



Is there an animal charity or cause that is close to your heart? If so, please tell us more about them.

Definitely Wollies Animal Project. Whenever I volunteer there, I see just how passionate the staff are about the animals, how much they care, and how well they look after each animal while finding forever homes for them.”


Ildea with Wally

What is your favourite thing about working as a pet sitter?


I love meeting new people and learning about all the little quirks each pet has.”


If you could have an up-close encounter with any type of wildlife, what would you choose?


Tigers – they are such beautiful creatures. I regularly watch Animal Planet when they feature a show about them. I find them to be fierce and brave. I am not always brave enough to try something new and I strive to do more things that take me out of my comfort zone.


Ildea with one of her babies

If you HAD to pick, would you say that you are a Dog Person or a Cat Person?


“Definitely a dog person!”


StudentCo team members are all students. What are you studying, and what do dream of doing once you have completed your course?


I am studying Architecture. I want to work overseas and study my masters after a few years to accomplish my dream of establishing my own Architecture firm.”


Any funny animal stories or memories you think our pet parents would enjoy?


When I do pilates, Pippie gets very excited and she’ll try to crawl under me, over me and tries to stand on me. One time, she even sat on my head.”


Ildea with Pippie

Author: Andrea Wilkins


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