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Thank you for your interest in joining StudentCo!

At StudentCo, we are passionate about empowering young animal lovers. As such, we invite you to apply with us if you are 18 or older and:

  • Are currently a full-time or part-time University or College student OR
  • Completed your University/college studies during the past 2 years OR
  • Are currently a grade 12 learner OR
  • Completed grade 12 in the past 5 years
  • Important! Pet sitting work is part-time but can be time-consuming. Individuals with demanding work schedules are NOT suitable as pet sitters – work with StudentCo is suited to you if you have a more flexible schedule, rather than a rigid 8 –5 job.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that we are currently only accepting applicants who are available for pet sitting for at least 5 consecutive days between 23 December 2019 and 2 January 2020. If you will not be in Gauteng over the above dates, please DO NOT PROCEED with an application at this time. We operate year-round! You will most likely start pet sitting before December already, but all new applicants MUST be available to also work as per dates above. We are aware that some adverts say you need to be available for 7 days from the 16th of December - this is no longer relevant.

    In a nutshell, working for StudentCo means that you will look after our clients' homes and pets while they are away, either visiting every day or staying over. You will earn between R490 and R1 330 per family per week, depending on the service.

    StudentCo prides itself on being a top pet-care provider: We have 10 years of experience and a large client base throughout Gauteng. Working for StudentCo means working for an organisation that truly cares about you, and truly cares about animals.

    The application process:

    • Completing the application form below
    • Visiting your local police station to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate
    • Sending some supporting documents
    • Passing a reference check
    • Passing a test about StudentCo rules and veterinary emergencies
    • Starting off as a pet sitter!

    Please note:

    Before you complete the application form, be sure to have the contact details (incl. email addresses) of 3 references ready. Note that friends, romantic partners and family members can NOT be used as references. Some suggested references: Lecturers, employers, teachers, coaches, people who know you from charity work, people you have done pet sitting for, etc.

    Let's get started!

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    • We are currently only recruiting new pet sitters available for the festive season (don't worry - we operate year-round and you'll likely start pet sitting before then, too!). This means you need to be available and in Gauteng for AT LEAST 5 consecutive days between 23 Dec 2019 and 2 Jan 2020. Please give us your available dates :). If you are NOT available, please DO NOT PROCEED WITH AN APPLICATION AT THIS TIME.

      Please do NOT proceed if you do not qualify; documentary proof will be requested.