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Name of sitter: Lance E

Area: Airfield, Benoni, Equestria, Pretoria

Note: Lance happily looks after pets who are not in his immediate area - driving is not a problem.

I am currently: I am a currently in my third year of studying a BA in Psychology, through the University of South Africa.

Approved StudentCo pet sitter since: October 2019

Experience with animals and own pets

When we look at pets, we have to look at them and treat them as family. The reason for this is because pets are not just normal animals but can be seen as animals that are always there for us, in terms of emotional support and in terms of just being around when we need someone to comfort us or protect us.

My own pets are a dog and two cats. My responsibilities include making sure that they receive water and food every day and to make sure that at night that are inside the property and safe. My dog and I have a very strong relationship as she is around me all day and I make sure to play with her at least an hour a day. I do have a good relationship with my cats too, just in terms of being around them, there is not much of that as cats seem to do their own things within the household, but I do make sure that they are always safe and within the property.

In terms of my work experience with animals, I have been able to look after two Labradors, one pug, one Husky, three different types of birds and fish. My duties included were much the same as my own pets; making sure there was always clean water, feeding them at lunchtime and dinner, playing with them for at least an hour a day and finally at night making sure that they were in their beds and covered with a blanket if it was cold. The fishes’ needs included that of making sure that they were fed at lunchtime and dinner, giving them medicine with their food at night and then finally making sure that the fish tank lights were turned off at night.

I also have experience house sitting, where I would stay over at the house, watching over the animals, making sure that the house was kept tidy and ensuring security for the family over the period that they were away.

In conclusion, we can see that we have to treat animals as they are our own family as they do more for us then we realise. We have to make sure that we treat them well and make sure that they are fed, given water, protected and given as much attention as needed.

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