StudentCo Pet Sitter Profile

Name of sitter: LC E

Area: Rietfontein, Pretoria Central

Note: LC happily looks after pets who are not in his immediate area - driving is not a problem.

Course of study: National Certificate in Sport Coaching

Approved StudentCo pet sitter since: February 2019

Experience with animals and own pets

I love dogs in particular. My favorite companion is Chino. He is a Shar Pei crossed with a Boerboel that I got as a birthday present from my brother. Chino has the best personality and I love him to bits. He is a very verbal young chap who moans if I do not play with him in the afternoons.

My mom has a Yorkie who thinks he owns the house and will make himself at home on my bed. Then there is Molly the Jack Russell, who my granny thinks is her pet, but she spends more time in our home and is Chino's best buddy.

I grew up in a house of animal lovers. We started with hamsters when I was still very young. There was also an African Grey Parrot, Popeye, who still adores me. We also had two chickens called Wintie and Pompie and my brother had a Hedgehog named Noemsie that we rescued in our garden. He was already quite grown up when we found him and he lived with us for about 3 years. Once we also found a Chinchilla youngster in our yard, but he died after a few days due to exposure to the elements.

It doesn’t stop there! Some rabbits made their way into our garden as well (I sometimes think our yard is mistaken for Noah's Arc). Before my brother passed away, one of his biggest dreams was to have a Plecostomus, so now Hans the Pleco and a few Guppies is my mom's responsibility. I help her from time to time to clean the tank

I was privileged enough to look after two cats, a Jack Russell, a Labrador and two Fox Terriers during school holidays in 2018. It is amazing how quickly you can become fond of the animals and their ways. I promise to look after your pets as if they were my own.

Feedback from References

Reference 1

Being part of StudentCo means working with animals. In your opinion, would the above person be suitable for this type of work? Absolutely!

Would you describe him/her as an honest, reliable individual? Yes, I would.

Would you trust this person with your own children, home and pets? Yes, I would.

Please describe how you know this person:

I taught him Mathematics for his entire high school career. I also coached him in cricket from U14 level through to the First Team of HTS John Vorster. As a grade 8 pupil, he was part of my register class as well. I got to know him very well on a personal level through different levels of interaction inside and outside the classroom.

Please confirm that you are not an immediate family member, romantic partner or close friend of the above person. Confirmed!

Additional notes:

He has finished school now so we will see a lot less of each other. He will be an attribute to your business.