31 March 2020
31 March 2020,

StudentCo’s March Pets of the Month:

Astrid and Annabella!

Finding the purr-fect sibling duo is difficult, but we’ve done it! With 32 votes from our StudentCo Facebook community, we are happy to present this month’s Pets of the Month – Astrid and Annabella. These rescue kitties won over voters with their piercing eyes and love for treats and cuddles.

As a reward, pet parents Tracy and Byron received a R500 donation from StudentCo to donate to an animal charity of their choice. They chose to donate the money to Co-sanc, where it will go towards the rehabilitation and re-homing of rescued cats. This also happens to be where Astrid and Annabella were adopted from! ❤️

Who nominated Astrid and Annabella?

Pet sitter Charlize D  nominated Astrid and Annabella, and had this to say about them :

Annabella and Astrid are both rescue kitties. Annabella doesn’t like strangers at all. However, when she gets to know you she loves begging for bum scratches. She loves stealing Astrid’s food before she can even get a chance to start eating. She also loves treats and sleeping in the sun. Annabella is one super cute, fat kitty.

Astrid loves cuddles all the time. She has an loves her treats and will even eat them from your hand! She is very vocal and always greets you at the door begging for some treats.

What did their hoomans have to say?

Astrid and Annabella’s mommy, Tracy, was so excited to hear that her charming furbabies had been chosen as StudentCo’s Pets of the Month! She took the time to answer these cute questions about her favourite fur kids:

Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Astrid and Annabella become part of the Kluckow/Hancock clan?

“All of our cats have come from Co-sanc, a no-kill cat shelter in Johannesburg.

I adopted Annabella when I moved to Johannesburg from Port Elizabeth in 2010. About six years later, I became broody and went looking for another fur-child from Co-sanc and adopted Comet, a little black kitty who had been dropped off at the shelter two years prior.

When we went to pick her up she climbed straight into the cat carrier, so Comet definitely chose us. This didn’t go down well with Annabella who was used to ruling the roost and now had to share love and affection, and her food. It was so bad that Annabella refused to come into the house, hiding under neighbours cars. But after some time they became true sisters, bathing each other and cuddling up next to each other on the couch when the winter chill set in. After four years with this amazing fur-child, we sadly said goodbye to Comet when her health deteriorated. She was such a strong cat and never let on that she was suffering, so her departure came suddenly.

This left a massive void in our lives and we could see how saddened Annabella was at the loss of her sister. This is when we decided to adopt Astrid, fondly known as panda cat, who brings many smiles to our faces with her quirky nature.”

Naming our furkids is always fun – how did you choose the names Astrid and Annabella? 

“Annabella, originally named Miriam after Miriam Makeba because she was found in Sophiatown, is a princess and very aware of the fact that she is cute and can get away with anything. Astrid, formerly Precious, was named in memory of Comet. We wanted to give her a spacey sounding name. The name definitely suits her child-like personality.

Do they have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile? 

“Annabella is a sucker for a bum pat, lifting her fluffy butt in the air as high as she can and chirping with joy. Astrid makes the cutest soft meows. She is definitely the baby of the family, hugging the floor and hiding at the sound of thunder.”

Would you describe Astrid and Annabella as adventurous or laid-back?

Annabella is definitely the more laid-back of the two while Astrid has bursts of energy, where she runs up and down the house and attacking all her toys, including cell phone chargers and laptop cables. “

Their perfect day would be…

Their perfect day would be sleeping and eating, as well as the occasional massage. Annabella is a sucker for a sunny spot, often chilling on the windowsill behind the couch. She even tore a hole in the lace curtain for easy access.

As pet parents, we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is their favourite hooman?

Annabella is split between Byron and Tracy, while Astrid favours Tracy, sleeping on or next to her in any position at night. Byron was definitely Comet’s human and she his spirit animal.

Their favourite food is…

They meow up a storm for wet food. We used to feed them Fancy Feast but, since it is discontinued, they now love Bon Appetit.”

Their favourite toys are…

Astrid makes good use of all her toys, whether it’s her buzzy bee, grumpy cat or cardboard scratchers, of which she has three. She is always busy. Annabella has less interest in toys but pays her wall-mounted self groomer the most attention.

Their favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…

“Charlize Dormehl, it is unanimous.”

Any funny stories or memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

“Annabella and Comet would often play cat and mouse around the house, even ambushing one another after the other had used the ladies room. It is great to see Annabella once again enjoying these games of cat and mouse with Astrid. Although they seem to be more physical with both bolting over the chair in the lounge, with Astrid getting great air at times.”

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