Meeting new families

REMEMBER: Immediately after meeting a new family, LET US KNOW if you are happy to proceed. Simply send a WhatsApp to Angelique (082 607 2481) as soon as your meeting is over.

What is the meet and greet?

If you are the closest, most suitable person who replied to an opportunity, we will arrange for you to meet the family.

The meet-and-greet is an informal meeting at the client’s home – it is an opportunity to meet the human and animal members of the family and see how you get along.

This meeting is as much for you as it is for the client – it is an opportunity for both parties to assess whether they would feel safe and comfortable with the proposed pet sitting arrangement, and gives you a chance to chat to your client about what would be expected of you.

Before meeting new families, we recommend revising our guidelines so you are sharp and clued up in case pet parents have questions about how things work.

We recommend that you always take a friend with to your meet-and-greets. This is just a precaution for safety purposes - as they say, there is safety in numbers.

Meet and greet arrangements

The meet-and-greet is always arranged as soon as possible after an enquiry was received - usually within 7 days, even if the enquiry relates to dates far in the future.

Meet and greet details are sent to you via WhatsApp. The admin team member working with this, is Angelique (082 607 2481).

Clients also receive a message from us, but we have found that clients like also receiving a quick message from you. Thus, please send a quick introductory Whatsapp to the family, just confirming from your side that you will see them soon and look forward to meeting them. Please do this on the same day you receive your meet and greet Whatsapp, and let Angie (082 607 2481) know if clients perhaps wish to cancel, have any questions, etc.

Should a family contact you to cancel or change arrangements, please do keep us posted - simply send a WhatsApp to Angelique. Clients may of course make changes, but YOU MAY NOT CHANGE MEET-AND-GREET ARRANGEMENTS - the meeting will always be arranged at a time YOU indicated to be a good time for you. DO NOT CHANGE IT – believe us when we tell you that it creates a terrible first impression.

What to take with to meet and greets

We request that all families complete detailed pet parent instruction sheets, detailing everything about their homes and furkids. Where we already have this on file, it will be sent to you shortly after your meet-and-greet WhatsApp. Should we not have it on file (new families/families who have never completed a form), we will ask the family to complete one and send it to you once received.

It is expected that you always take a copy so you can discuss everything your client has noted on their instructions. You can print it, or else just view it on your phone - whichever you prefer.

Important Note: It sometimes happens that clients do NOT complete an online Pet Parent Instruction sheet before meet-and-greets. In cases like these, simply refer to your meet-and-greet WhatsApp. After some introductions and small talk, click on the link for the instruction sheet. You and the family can fill in the online form during the meeting, and we will send you the PDF copy the next day (Mondays - Fridays) :). If it is a last-minute booking and you need the document sooner, simply alert Angie (082 607 2481) and she will send it to you chop-chop.

We have two types of Pet Parent Instruction Sheets – one for visits and one for stay-overs.

The Pet Parent Instruction Sheet allows you to easily chat about the following important topics:

  • Exactly what the client expects and what their house rules are.
  • Any special needs the pets may have.
  • Whether or not you are required to take dogs for walks.
  • Pets’ feeding times, sleeping arrangements, etc.
  • Which items of household food you may consume (this applies only to stay-over assignments).
  • Whether you are allowed to invite friends over, and if so in what manner you may entertain (this applies only to stay-over assignments).
  • Whether you are allowed to have a friend accompany you on the entire assignment, staying over with you. (This applies only to stay-over assignments).
  • Emergency contact details.
  • Keeping the information safe

    It is your responsibility to keep Pet Parents' information - as contained in the instruction sheet and all other communications - safe, and out of reach of anyone else.

    To do this, please ensure that your phone/tablet/computer is password-protected, and keep hard copies in a safe place.

    What happens after the meet and greet?

    As you know, the meet and greet is your chance to assess whether or not you feel comfortable at a home and want to proceed with the assignment.

    After meeting a new client, please let us know what you have decided:

  • Yes – you are happy and would like to proceed
  • No – you would prefer not to work with the family.
  • Please get in touch with us as soon as possible after your meet-and-greet – simply send a Whatsapp to Angelique (082 607 2481) as soon as your meeting is over.

    We will never force you to work with families at whose homes you felt unsafe or uncomfortable. If you would prefer to rather not work with a family, please give us an honest reason rather than an excuse. This will help us decide if we should send someone else to meet the family, or rather refer them elsewhere.

    Remember: Always be polite and courteous to clients, even if during the meet-and-greet you realise that you would prefer not to work with them.

    If - at the end of a meet-and-greet where everyone got along well - your client asks you what happens next, please tell them that StudentCo will get in touch within 2 work days with an invoice for service.

    If so, a payment must be deposited within 7 days to confirm the booking: Payment: A 50% deposit for bookings further than 30 days away OR payment in full for bookings closer than 30 days away. This payment may NOT be paid to you in cash - it has to be paid into the StudentCo account. Bank details are clearly visible on all invoices.

    As soon as payment has been received and processed, StudentCo will send confirmation of the booking to both you and the pet parent. In most cases, this will be within about 10 days after you met the family, but be aware that some people take MUCH longer to pay.

    Important note: Contractually, you commit yourself to completing all assignments you accept at the meet-and-greet stage. Thus, assuming your clients wish to proceed, you are committed to an assignment at this point and may not “back out”, no matter how far in advance the dates may be. Always be 100% sure that you are indeed available for an assignment before responding to an opportunity.

    NB: As a general rule, you can proceed with service at any homes where the meet and greet went well, even if you did not receive a formal booking confirmation yet. This is often the case where people book your services at the last minute - their payment will be a bit late but you can proceed.

    For more info, please refer to our general guidelines or contact Angie on 082 607 2481.