StudentCo Pet Sitter Profile

Name of sitter: Merissa G

Area: Kleinfontein, Benoni

Note: Merissa happily looks after pets who are not in her immediate area - driving is not a problem.

I am currently: I work Monday to Friday at a Law Firm and studying Law part time

Approved StudentCo pet sitter since: November 2019

Experience with animals and own pets

My name is Merissa, I am a 25-year-old Law student and I live in Benoni. From a young age I’ve loved animals, when my sisters where watching cartoons you would always find me watching animal planet, all my life I have always had a pet, I have had bunnies, fish, birds and dogs and I loved them all more than anything.

Whenever one of my family of friends are going on holiday, they always ask me to go and check up on their pet, and I absolutely love it and would not have it any other way! I love taking them on walks, playing outside or just cuddling.

I have also volunteered at the Benoni SPCA with a group of youth from my temple, we went in on a Saturday morning with loads of goodies, we also helped clean kennels and took some dogs on walks. I cannot wait to love and take care of your furkids!

Feedback from References

Reference 1

Being part of StudentCo means working with animals. In your opinion, would the above person be suitable for this type of work? Absolutely!

Would you describe him/her as an honest, reliable individual? Yes, I would.

Would you trust this person with your own children, home and pets? Yes, I would.

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I was looking for a pet sitter and someone from my temple referred me to Merissa

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