29 November 2018
29 November 2018,

StudentCo’s Pet of the Month – Stoney!



It brings us great pleasure to present to you StudentCo’s November 2018 Pet of the Month – Stoney! This is a 76kg Boerboel with a heart of pure gold. According to his sitter, he is the world’s biggest baby – both literally and figuratively!


Who nominated Stoney?


Lené and Stoney

Lené Calitz is the Steenkamp family’s regular sitter and she has the most heart warming bond with this gentle giant.

She looks after Stoney and his siblings often, due to their mom being away on a research project in the Czech Republic and their dad traveling frequently for work.

Lené was ecstatic when she found out that Stoney was going to be Pet of the Month, but why wouldn’t he be after a nomination like this:

“…Stoney has the biggest heart and the cutest smile. He takes care of me when I stay over and he gives me support from under the table when I have to study. I love him.” – Lené


What did mom and dad have to say?


Mom, Martie, and dad, Roelof, were also over the moon when they found out that their fur baby was going to be famous! They even took the time to answer some of these burning questions on everybody’s minds:


Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Stoney become part of the Steenkamp clan?

Stoney as a puppy


“Stoney was born on 22 October 2016 and joined our family on 23 December 2016. I had grown up with Boerboels and we wanted a guard dog, so we did our research and heard of a wonderful couple whose fur kids had puppies – and that is how Stoney became part of our family!

He was supposed to be my husband’s dog and Lucie was supposed to be my dog, but dogs definitely choose their humans. Lucie and Scruffy are now daddy’s babies and Stoney is definitely his mommy’s boy.



Naming our fur kids is always fun – how did you choose the name Stoney?


Stoney is a pet name for the surname Steenkamp. I named both Scruffy and Lucie, but my husband, Roelof, named Stoney.



Does he have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?


Stoney insists on Sunday morning cuddles in the main bed with his daddy. It is as if he knows it’s Sunday and that he will probably get away with it – and he does!

He also instantaneously starts drooling at any sign of food, creating a big puddle between his front legs.

Stoney communicates with his right paw and doesn’t realise quite how big and powerful his paws really are. He will tap you with his giant paws and then tilt his head and stare at you with those giant brown eyes until you surrender to his request.

He is very obedient though and probably our best behaved dog, but he definitely knows how to get his way!”



Would you describe Stoney as adventurous or laid-back?


“Definitely laid-back!


His perfect day would be…


Playing fetch with his daddy and then cuddling with his humans on the sofa. He also enjoys his walks through the neighbourhood with Lucie and Scruffy, after which he is sure to fall asleep on the couch. He would also not mind getting treated to some biltong!”


Stoney in bed with his sister, Lucie

As pet parents we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is Stoney’s favourite human?


Definitely his mommy! But Scruffy and Lucie love their daddy the most.”


His favourite food is…


“Any form of red meat… or any human food he manages to steal from the dinner table when we are not looking! He also loves iced biscuits.”




Stoney’s first Christmas

His favourite toy is…


“His KONG ball!”


His favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…


“Lené Calitz, without a doubt!”


Any funny memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?


Stoney loves playing with balls! He loves playing fetch with his daddy and he doesn’t tire easily. He loves balls so much that he once stole the floater ball from the toilet when my husband was busy fixing it. Nothing is safe when Stoney is around. We even have to use different ornaments on the Christmas tree, because Stoney will definitely steal the ball shaped ornaments!

Stoney is a sneaky food thief! Sometimes we forget that he is so big and can reach all the kitchen surfaces and the dining room table. We have turned our backs to take a call in the past and have lost at least two full pizzas and plenty of braai meat thanks to his sneaky ways. The thief is always identified, as he leaves a massive trail of drool behind.

On that note, Stoney drools… a lot. It seems like litres. We bought baby bibs when he was younger, but as he grew, we had to start using hand towels to keep the mess in order. Later on he grew even more and we now have regular towels all around the house to deal with the puddles of slobber!”


Author: Andrea Wilkins


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