27 November 2019
27 November 2019,

November’s Pet Sitter of the Month


We are beyond excited to present to you Soné, November 2019’s Pet Sitter of the Month! Soné has been a member of our pet sitting team since 2016. She is one of the friendliest and most enthusiastic sitters we’ve ever had, and is by far our best animal photographer. We are so grateful for her hard work and dedication!

What did the pet parents have to say?


My fur-kids love Sonè (even Lulu who is skeptical about other people). She provided daily updates and the cutest photos. We could not wait for the daily update, especially when we started to miss our kids terribly.

When we returned from holiday, the kids were happy and healthy. Thank you so much for this awesome service!” – Pet parent Marene, mother of Lulu, Dexter, Minkie, Bella and Molly.


“I wanted to thank you for arranging Soné as my house sitter last week. She was fantastic and gave my “special needs” dog wonderful care. Even my shy and wary girl was won over by her affections. I hope she is available the next time I need a sitter.” – Pet parent Joanne, mother of Tequila, Bully and Gabby.


There can not possibly be a better pet sitter than Soné B. We have used her twice and we have been incredibly happy both times. She loves all animals. During our meetings, she was more interested in talking and playing with them than anything else, which is an amazing thing to witness.” – Pet parent Danica, mother of Bailey, Tod, Lex, Levi and Meeko.

Here’s some feedback from Soné herself!


Soné was super excited to hear that she had been chosen as our pet sitter of the month. She even took the time to answer these exciting questions about herself:


As a StudentCo pet sitter, it goes without saying that you are a BIG fan of animals. Please tell us about the animals you consider to be your family 😊.

I have five beautiful fur babies of my own – four Jack Russells named Bekkie, Beertjie, Patchie and Sheena and one Boerboel, named Tiara, or as I call her, “Tiertjie”. 

Most of them are rescues and we adopted Patchie from Wollies around 4 years ago. They’re all a big part of my life and I love them with all my heart – I can’t imagine my life without them! “


Is there an animal charity or cause that is close to your heart? If so, please tell us more about them.

Most definitely Wollies! They do amazing work and they really take care of each and every animal that ends up in the shelter. The dogs, cats and even donkeys are SO well looked after and most of them even look “at home” there. 

They’re very close to my heart and I can’t thank them enough for the work they do. It’s simply amazing to see how many animals they look after and yet they all look so happy and well cared for.”

What is your favourite thing about working as a pet sitter?

I think this is every animal lover’s dream! I absolutely love meeting new fur babies and I really love all of them as if they are my own.

They all have their own unique personalities and it’s really special to get to know them – I’ve been looking after some of them for 2 – 3 years now, so they eventually become family. I simply love what I do.”


If you could have an up-close encounter with any type of wildlife, what would you choose?

It’s quite difficult to choose, but if I had one choice, I’d definitely want to see a whale up close. They’re magnificent animals and sea life is SO fascinating. I can only imagine the thrilling experience and the beauty of such an encounter.”

If you HAD to pick, would you say that you are a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

I am a dog person, but I l do love cats as well. 🐶🐱”


Tell us something surprising about yourself!

I really wanted to become a veterinarian, but after working at one, I decided against it due to the fact that it involved surgery and I couldn’t get around that.

After careful consideration, I decided to study BCom Management Accounting. I’m also very passionate about photography, especially wildlife photography.”


Any funny animal stories or memories you think our pet parents would enjoy?

“I had this new duo to look after, a Boxer and a Bulldog – really adorable together! Just like any other siblings they play, fight and make up again. So one evening they were playing and running around and after a while it became quiet and I went to check up on them and I came across the Boxer sitting on top of his sister as if she is his couch! 😂”

Planning a holiday? We can look after your home and pets! Complete a quick enquiry, and we will match you with a suitable sitter near you.

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We can’t wait to hear from you!

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