27 November 2019
27 November 2019,

StudentCo’s Pets of the Month

The Rottie Family

And just like that, we have a winner! Shiloh, Mishka, Khan and Kesha were one of a series of Pet of the Month nominees who were nominated by their regular StudentCo sitters. With an amazing 60 reactions on Facebook, the Rotties won the competition, along with the title of November’s Pets of the Month!

Their prize? A R500 donation from StudentCo to an animal charity of their family’s choice. Pet parent Annelie didn’t hesitate in her decision to donate the money to Wollies Animal Project!

Who nominated the Rotties?

Shiloh, Mishka, Khan and Kesha were nominated by their StudentCo pet sitter Soné Botha:

I would like to nominate this whole Rottie family. Firstly, the magnificent and handsome Khan. Khan is really special to me because he is so gentle and really loveable. He is also by far one of the biggest Rottweilers I’ve ever seen! 😮 He is only two years old and is still a playful pupper. Although he is huge, he still wants to sit on your lap and of course sleep right next to you in bed.

Next is Shiloh. He is 11 years old and a real sweetheart! He came to check up on me numerous times during my studies. He is really well mannered and also loves to play in the swimming pool, although he doesn’t really swim around much. Shiloh is like a wise old man. He looks after Mishka, Khan and Kesha, especially the “babies” (Kesha and Khan), like they’re his own kids. 😊

What did their hoomans have to say?

Mom, Annelie, was so excited to hear that her babies had been chosen as our Pets of the month. She eagerly answered these fun questions for us so that we could gain a deeper understanding of the Rotties and their furry lives!

Everyone loves a good origin story – how did all of these Rotties become part of the Ross clan?

“Friends of ours had a Rottie that we fell in love with.  After one of our old German Shepherds passed away, we bought a Rottie, Shiloh, as a friend for our other German Shepherd cross.  Six months after we got Shiloh, his sister, Mishka, was going to be returned to the breeder as the owner could not keep her anymore, so we decided to take her in. 

As Shiloh and Mishka started getting older, we decided to get two more, Khan and Kesha, so that the old babies can retire. We also wanted the new babies to learn the kind and gentle nature from the two older babies.”


Naming our fur kids is always fun – how did you choose the names Shiloh, Mishka, Khan and Kesha?

I named Shiloh after Neil Diamond’s song, Shilo, that he wrote for his daughter. I just added an “H” at the end because he’s a boy 😊.  Mishka came with her name and we didn’t want to change it, as she was already 6  months old when we got her. I named Khan after the Parlotones lead singer.  Kesha’s full name is Lady Kesha, Lady is her mother’s name and Kesha is her “aunt’s” name 😊.”

Do they have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?

“Shiloh needs to put his bum on a stair or something, he sits like a human. He also loves watching TV, mainly animal shows, cartoons or funny enough Police shows. He taught the little ones this as well. Mishka loves swimming and often goes for a swim by herself.  Kesha “steals” toilet paper off of the holders 😊. Khan, well, he’s just a gentle giant.”


Would you describe them as adventurous or laid-back?

“Mishka was adventurous in her younger years, now the adventurous one is Kesha.  Both boys are very laid-back.”

Their perfect day would be…

Sundays, when we spend time with them under the lapa and pool.  They love that.”


As pet parents, we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who are your fur babies’ favourite hoomans?

“It’s very difficult, they are all special in their own way and we love them all the same.


Their favourite food is…


Their favourite toys are…

“They have a few. Mishka used to love tennis balls. She would carry three in her mouth at once, until she accidentally swallowed one.  She had an operation to have it removed, as it got stuck… no more tennis balls!


Their favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…

Soné B for sure!!!!!  She’s the best!!!!”


Any funny stories or memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

“Well, Shiloh likes to push Mishka into the pool.  They also love to ride in the car, just don’t have them in the car if you going to put petrol in. It’s very difficult to find a petrol attendant to assist you with 4 huge Rotties in the back. 😊”

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