Getting a police clearance certificate



A police clearance certificate (PCC) is an official document confirming that no criminal convictions have been recorded against you. Given that we are trusted with pet parents’ homes and furkids, all StudentCo pet sitters need to supply us with a document of this nature.

Getting one is easy, but may take anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks. We thus urge you to get the process started TODAY.If you wish to use an agency to get your PCC quicker, you are free to do so. Doing it at the SAPS is probably the cheapest option, though.

What if I already have a PCC?

Provided that the PCC you have is dated no earlier than the month were approved as a team member, you can simply send that to us. Unfortunately, we can’t accept a PCC that is OLDER than the month and year you started at StudentCo. If you’re not sure when you started, search your emails for a Welcome message or have a look at your StudentCo profile.

Getting a PCC can take ages. Can I also send proof that I have APPLIED for one, and then send the actual PCC later?

Yup! If you send the above to us, you can be matched with families while waiting for your PCC. The SAPS will send you an SMS confirming that your application is in the works. You can send that through to us (screenshot and Whatsapp to Angie on 082 607 2481; or email us at If you used an agency, send through communication from them confirming your application.


A fee of R114 (ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN RAND) must be paid to the SAPS. This cost must be covered by yourself – keep in mind that StudentCo covers an enormous insurance policy on behalf of pet sitters, and that no membership or application fees are charged at all. Unfortunately, much as we would like to, we cannot cover the cost of the PCC as well.

To pay the fee, make an EFT to the SAPS: ABSA cheque account number 4054522787; branch code 632005. Use your initials, surname and PCC as your reference. Example: C. Robson PCC. Print out the proof of payment.

Note: The SAPS website makes no mention of cash payments – we thus recommend that you pay the fee as above, rather than taking cash to the police station. Update: Some team members have informed us that police stations DO in fact accept cash.






Go to your local police station.. Remember to take along:

  • Your proof of payment (see step 1)
  • A copy of your South African ID or passport, as well as the original
  • UPDATE: Some police stations ask for your proof of address. If you have this handy, please take it along just in case. No mention is made of this on the official SAPS policy, but some team members have been asked.

At the police station, inform the officer on duty that you would like to obtain a PCC. You will be asked to give your fingerprints. The officer will record your personal details and send off your application to the office that deals with PCC’s.

You will receive a reference number via sms. Keep this safe – you can use it to track your PCC application on the SAPS website.

UPDATE: You can send this through to us and be matched with families while you wait for your PCC.






When your certificate is ready, you will receive an sms letting you know.

Your certificate will be sent to your local police station (where you applied). Please go collect it – remember to take along your original ID/passport to prove your identity.






Please send us your PCC – simply scan and email it to




If you joined StudentCo before 1 March 2019, you have until 1 June 2019 to provide us with your PCC (or proof that you have applied for one).

If you joined StudentCo from 1 March 2019 onwards, you need to provide your PCC (or proof that you have applied for one) before we can start matching you with any families at all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact general manager Caro –


That’s it! Thanks a million for the effort – it really is much appreciated!