13 March 2019
13 March 2019,

Pet and Family Friendly Plants for your Home

A common trend in decorating our homes is using plants to create bright and positive surroundings. As animal lovers, an important consideration when choosing plants is the impact different types may have on our furry family members.

Below, a short list of plants which will not only brighten up your home but also provide impressive benefits to both yourself and your pets:

  1. The beautiful Moth Orchid has major positive effects on the air you and your pets breathe. By a slow release of moisture into the air, the plant reduces the affects of winter we can all experience, such as dry and flaky skin.

2. The Areca Palm is an air filtering plant, especially good at absorbing indoor pollutants such as acetone and xylene. These substances can come from from paint and wooden furniture. Removal from the air is hugely beneficial to all members of the household, especially children and unborn babies.

3. One for the Foodies – Mint! Refreshing smell and taste aside, herbs such as mint, basil and oregano have impressive health benefits for our furkids when eaten. These benefits include, (and are not limited to) providing antioxidants, holding antibacterial and anti-cancer properties, as well as providing important vitamins such as vitamin A, C, K and even Calcium!

4. Echeveria (Succulent) – a very newly popular decor choice, plants from the succulent family are known to aid in speedier recoveries from the common cold, headaches, fevers and coughs!

5. Lavender – Commonly used in human relaxation tools such as bubble baths and oils, Lavender can provide the same positive, relaxing effects on our pets as it does on us. By placing an essential oil diffuser around your pets’ sleeping areas, they too can reap the benefits of a calmed mind and nervous system, which only means deeper and more restful snoozes – as if they didn’t already have enough! You may also consider using this when the next thunderstorm begins approaching – it may very well help your nervous furbaby relax a little more!

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Author: Angelique White

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