28 November 2019
28 November 2019,

StudentCo’s Cycle Champion 


On the 17th of November, Pet sitter Pieter De Wet set out to complete the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in aid of Midrand SPCA. StudentCo kicked off his fundraising efforts with a hefty first donation, and also paid for his race entry! Pieter then created a Back a Buddy account, where our StudentCo clients could support him and his cause. 

With Pieter all set, it was time for him to conquer the unending kilometres and grueling hills that stood between him and the finish line – and boy did he make us proud!

Some feedback about Pieter’s experience


Why did you decide to do the 94.7 to raise money for animals in need?

Well, StudentCo posted something saying that they would love to sponsor somebody to do 94.7. I thought, okay cool, this is my thing because I am a cyclist and I enjoy it so much. The fact that I was doing it for the doggos just made it easy so sign up. My heart is soft and I decided I would push myself to do this race, so that I could help the dogs in need.”


Why did you specifically choose the Midrand SPCA?

The Midrand SPCA actually chose me thanks to StudentCo general manager, Caro. She asked around to find out who would like to have a representative, but quite frankly, I would race for any dog or animal shelter.”

What was your favourite part about the race?

My favourite part was definitely the half way massages and the cold drinks. The race was tough and the spoils of getting a massage to get those legs fresh again was absolutely amazing. That, and of course having the chance to cycle on the Kyalami race track. That was next level awesome.”


Would you do it again?

Most definitely! The race was laid out so efficiently and everything was so well planned. Every water point, all the music, the route and just everything overall was such an overwhelming experience. But honestly, I would do just about any race for an animal charity.

How much money did you end up raising?

Oh wow. I am not entirely sure, but I think it was just over R1000. I kind of wish I had the donation page a little bit longer. I had it for about 3 weeks, so there wasn’t a lot of time during my exams to be active on social media and to get people interested in donating money.”


Any funny or inspiring stories from the race that you think pet parents would enjoy reading about?

The most inspiring thing about the race was definitely the cyclists who did the race with disabled people clipped to their bikes. They cycled the whole race with the weight of an extra person and without any help. That must take some serious guts. The race was hard enough as it is and doing it with somebody attached to you must have been the ultimate challenge.

The funniest thing that happened was on first hill. The hill was extremely challenging and there was a guy on the side handing out Castle Lites and the group of men next to me made a very quick and serious u-turn when they realised there was free beer up for grabs!”

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