15 February 2016
15 February 2016,

There’s a new frowny feline in Internet-Town, and his name is Pompous Albert. Already sharing his daily adventures with a whopping 82 000 Instagram followers and 21 000 Facebook friends, it seems the world simply can’t get enough of cantankerous kitties.

Meet the new king of the cats, Albert:

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Picture: Pompous Albert Facebook Page

A purebred Selkirk Rex, Albert lives in Utah with pet parents Mike and Susan Singleton. Originally headed for life as a show cat, his Instagram bio provides a reason for his grumpiness: Rejected show cat, but I’ll show them. And show them, he is. Where the average cat show attracts maybe a few hundred visitors, Pompous Albert is showing his gorgeous face to many adoring fans the world over every single day.

His grumpy-funny “quotes” can brighten any blue Monday. Pictured looking at himself in the mirror, he quips that he is the “reflection of purrfection”; pictured with a pizza, he wryly remarks that the humans have offered him pepperoni. Not bad – not pate – but not bad.

To follow Pompous Albert on Instagram, click here.

To watch a quick video about him, have a look below:

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