Pet Sitter POPI Policy


in respect of being a StudentCo pet sitter or applying to join StudentCo pet sitters


  1. The pet sitter, upon application, joining as well as upon responding to each new opportunity, agrees to terms and conditions incorporating a consent to process personal information
  2. Further to the above-mentioned agreement and consent, StudentCo hereby provides the following information with respect to processing the pet sitter’s personal information and the pet sitter hereby provides the consent required by StudentCo for processing purposes.
  3. StudentCo is committed to protecting the pet sitter’s privacy and recognises that it needs to comply with statutory requirements in collecting, processing and distributing of personal information. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa provides that everyone has the right to privacy and the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI”) includes the right to protection against unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of personal information. In terms of section 18 of POPI, if personal information is collected, StudentCo, as responsible party, must take reasonably practical steps to ensure that the data subject is made aware of the information being collected. The current agreement serves to make the pet sitter (data subject) aware that information is being collected.
  4. In order to process pet sitting bookings as well as new applications, it is necessary to provide the administrative team of StudentCo with personal information of the pet sitter, which personal information includes, but are not necessarily limited to the pet sitter’s name, contact information, information about pets and physical address. In the case of a new application, the pet sitter hereby expressly acknowledges that he/she obtained consent from his/her references to include their contact information on an application form.
  5. The pet sitter’s personal information is necessary for purposes of contractual obligations, reference checks and other application-related tasks, and service provision. The pet sitter is aware of and consents to his/her information being stored in cloud-based storage (such as Dropbox and Gmail), as well as on the StudentCo website. As per the service agreement with StudentCo, the pet sitter agrees to receiving a regular email newsletter. The pet sitter may opt out at any time.
  6. In accordance with POPI, StudentCo hereby provides the following information:

    Type of Information:

    Information as recorded on a web-based form or other communication, including but not necessarily limited to the pet sitter’s name, contact number, physical address and information about pets.

    Nature/category of Information:

    Personal information for purposes of providing a service / fulfilling a contractual obligation.


    Required for purposes of providing service as per the contractual agreement between the pet sitter and StudentCo, as well as in the legitimate interests of the parties and/or in terms of legislation.


    From the pet sitter (data subject) directly.

  7. STUDENTCO details (Responsible party):

    The responsible party is StudentCo manager Caro Robson. She may be reached at . The pet sitter is free to request a copy of the data on file at any time. Simply email our information officer at . Should the pet sitter wish for his information to be permanently deleted, this will be done. Simply send a request to

    Should you be unsatisfied with the manner in which your personal information was used, please contact the Information Regulator (as per PoPI Act)

  8. Voluntary/Mandatory:

    The pet sitter is required to provide the information voluntarily and understands that same is mandatory for purposes of service provision as per the pet sitter’s contractual agreement with StudentCo.

  9. Legal Requirement:

    STUDENTCO may be required, directly or indirectly, in terms of legislation, to collect the information in order to report to Government structures and for responsible record keeping and statistical purposes.

  10. Contractual Requirement:

    The information is required in terms of the agreement between the pet sitter and StudentCo as well as the agreement between the pet sitter and StudentCo.

  11. Recipients of personal information

    As described in (4) above. Where necessary, the information may be shared with legal representatives of StudentCo, or other parties deemed necessary to in the assistance of a conflict resolution.

  12. Access and right to amend

    The pet sitter has the right to access and amend his/her personal information at any reasonable time. This may be done via an online form or email communication with StudentCo. Any informal amendments made verbally or only to the pet sitter (and not the StudentCo administrative team) are deemed not to be valid amendments. The information as on file with the administrative team is deemed to be the correct and complete version of information, as obtained from the pet sitter.

    The pet sitter consents to StudentCo keeping information on file for an indefinite period. The pet sitter has the right to access, amend or request the complete removal of his information at any time.

  13. Right to object

    The pet sitter is entitled to object to the use of information. However, such objection may lead to the service agreement being terminated as the information is required for valid reasons.

  14. Complaints:

    All complaints regarding the use of personal information may be directed to the Information Regulator.


    The pet sitter (as data subject), by ticking the electronic box on the StudentCo website, hereby consents to the use of his/her personal information as given to StudentCo and confirms that:

    15.1 The information is supplied voluntarily, without undue influence from any party and not under any duress;

    15.2 The information which is supplied is mandatory for the purposes of the service agreement and that without such information, StudentCo will not enter into agreement with the pet sitter;

  16. The pet sitter acknowledges that he/she is aware thereof that he/she has the following rights with regard to personal information. The right to:

    16.1 Access the information at any reasonable time for purposes of rectification thereof;

    16.2 Object to the processing of the information in which case this agreement will terminate in accordance with the provisions contained herein;

    16.3 Lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator.