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Name of sitter: Redge K

Area: Muckleneuk (Pretoria Central)

Note: Redge happily looks after pets who are not in his immediate area - driving is not a problem.

Course of study: Education and Psychology

Approved StudentCo pet sitter since: November 2018

Experience with animals and own pets

Cats or Dogs? The answer is easy. I prefer and am the happy guardian of both. I have ten feline friends and two canine pals. I spend 99% of my time with my fur-babies and my world revolves around them. You know they rule your life when you consider buying a new scratch post or a new chew toy instead of the latest video game. I have always been close to my animals, and they all have names, nicknames and their own baptism names. These refer to the names that are usually used when they have gotten into trouble.

My pride and joy is my black cat, Bilhee, or as everyone knows him, "Boomie". He is turning seven this year. My Basset Hound, Meghan, is a handful when taking her for walks, due to her fear of crossing roads. The hilarious solution is me having to carry her like a fireman across the road so that she can enjoy her walks without the fear of being run over. My Moustached Parrot, Elvis, keeps me up along with my African Grey, who I named after my favourite “Friends” character, Phoebe. They are both just as quirky as their names suggest.

Some people watch a movie or read to relax, but I prefer reading under a mountain of cats, which is always the case during winter. If you think studying is hard, you have never had Tinkerbell steal your pens, Possum sit on your notes and Annie actually chew up your textbooks! Annie and Roger were both adopted from Wollies in Pretoria North, and Bilhee and Banshee were both rescued from the streets. We had to physically remove Banshee from my car's engine as he had climbed in the day before we decided to welcome him into our home. He is still shy around people, but he does have his own personality that makes him special.

Tinkerbell, Kenzy, Thabs and Possum were all rescued from the Telkom tower, where they had endured an extremely harsh winter. We intended only to be foster parents, but that was two years ago and they have become an important part of my family since then.

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StudentCo Pet Sitting procedure and veterinary emergency test

Redge passed our test about proper pet sitting procedure and the recognition of common veterinary emergencies. This means that he scored at least 80%. Please do feel free to ask for any team member’s individual test score.

Feedback from References

Reference 1

Being part of StudentCo means working with animals. In your opinion, would the above person be suitable for this type of work? Absolutely!

Would you describe him/her as an honest, reliable individual? Yes, I would.

Would you trust this person with your own children, home and pets? Yes, I would.

Please describe how you know this person:

We were colleagues during a teaching practice at my school.

Please confirm that you are not an immediate family member, romantic partner or close friend of the above person. Confirmed!

Additional notes:

Redge is very kind to people and animals, and very responsible and dependable. He is very knowledgeable about pets and compassionate towards them.