27 September 2019
27 September 2019,

StudentCo’s Pet of the Month


In a world where Pitbulls are often misconstrued as aggressive and dangerous, we present to you September 2019’s Pet of the Month – Cyrus! This little ball of pure happiness is here to reveal to you the real nature of the unpopular breed – and spoiler alert, they are DELIGHTFUL!

Who nominated Cyrus?

Cyrus was nominated by his regular StudentCo pet sitter Soné Botha! Soné was super excited to find out that Cyrus was chosen as pet of the month, she said it made her day! How could he not be chosen after a nomination like this: 

“I would really like to nominate Cyrus. He is a Pitbull cross. I fell in love with this handsome, big boy! He is such a sweetheart and a real gentle giant. I am his regular sitter and there is never a dull moment when I’m taking care of him. His parents love him to bits and he is a very spoilt pup!

Cyrus has a huge personality and attracts a lot of attention (which he of course loves). I’ve had numerous stay-overs with Cyrus and I’ll gladly look after him any day!”

What did his hoomans have to say?

Dad, Francois, was so excited to hear that Cyrus had been given the opportunity to represent his loving breed as this month’s Pet of the month. He eagerly answered these fun questions for us so that we could gain a deeper understanding of Cyrus and his furry life!


Everyone loves a good origin story – how did Cyrus become part of the Le Clus clan?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Amstaffs and my brother in law showed me a picture of a breed called American bullies. The way they looked just blew me away and I just wanted one of my own. My brother in law is a vet and knows a few breeders. He introduced me to a few dogs and I just fell in love with their personalities.

Naming our fur kids is always fun – how did you choose the name Cyrus?

Cyrus is greek for “far sighted”. Cyrus was also a King who conquered babylon.


Does he have any unique quirks or habits that can’t help but make you smile?

Everyday at 4 o’clock, Cyrus becomes energetic and craves a ton of attention, because he knows it’s time for walkies. He is totally relentless and doesn’t stop until he gets his walkies. He runs into the room where my shoes are and goes back and forth until we eventually leave.

Cyrus isn’t allowed on the couch, but when we leave the house he goes directly to the couch and makes himself comfortable. He got caught a few times, felt guilty and got off. Now he only feels guilty when he gets caught.

In a world where there is such a negative stigma surrounding Pitbulls, what is it like being a Pitbull owner?

I have to be honest, I do struggle when people make statements about the breed instead of asking about the breed. Most people get Pitbulls as guard dogs and thats all they are to them. This is a huge injustice to the dog or any dog for that matter.

These dogs need a lot of love, attention, physical exercise and leadership. They also have very strong personalities and they need to understand where they fit in in the family and need to be disciplined. If owners aren’t willing to do these things the dog will get frustrated and become destructive. This is the owner’s fault and not the dogs.

When I got Cyrus, I decided to expose him to various scenarios. I took him along to braais, parks and restaurants (where dogs are allowed) just to expose him to the world. This made him a lot more sociable and helped him learn manners.

Everyone who has met Cyrus really loves him to pieces and he loves the hugs and attention.

Would you describe Cyrus as adventurous or laid-back?

Laid-back. Definitely laid-back.


His perfect day would be…

A cold day, chilling on the couch with a warm blanket over him, some braai’d chicken and kibble for dinner, two walkies and a new squeaky toy.


As pet parents, we’re not allowed to have favourites, but who is Cyrus’ favourite human?

Me, but I actually think it’s probably Soné.

His favourite food is…

For breakfast, a bite of my wife’s Woolworths buttermilk biscuit, a little lick of yogurt from me and a few blueberries. He loves blueberries.

For dinner, a piece of braai’d sirlion.


His favourite toy is…

His big, rubber squeaky.


His favourite StudentCo Pet Sitter is…

Definitely Soné B.


Any funny stories or memories you think other pet parents would enjoy?

When Cyrus was about 2 years old, he injured his ligament in his knee. We then decided to take him to hydro therapy and he absolutely loved it! He just loved swimming with his vest and getting some TLC. His leg has fully recovered, but unfortunately we have to take it easy.


What would you say to other pet parents out there to convince them to change the stigma and see Pitbulls for the loving fur babies that they really are?

I always feel that there is a reason for any dog to have behavioural problems. 99% of the times the dog has been neglected or abused and they will retaliate if not given the love and attention they need.

These breeds are loyal, loving and have great temperament, but these dogs need guidance, love, attention, hugs, kisses and walkies. If you can’t be hands on and willing to invest in a relationship with a dog, don’t get one.

Don’t blame the dog, blame the owner!

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