14 June 2019
14 June 2019,

Should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Nice and simple – the answer is YES!

Just as we care for our teeth, we should be caring for our dear
doggo’s! If this is not done, dogs suffer the same consequences as we do: Gingivitis, bad breath, plaque and tartar build up.

Without proper care, your dog’s mouth can suffer dire consequences, the most extreme form being Periodontal Disease. The effects of this
disease start in the form of gingivitis, caused by a build up of plaque and tartar, and can eventually reach a stage where both gum and bone tissue is destroyed.

Happily, starting the healthy habit of oral hygiene does not take as much effort as you may imagine…

Here are some tips to explore in order to get your doggo’s breath fresh, and overall ensure they have a healthy mouth to give lots of kisses!

Going the brush route – if that is the route you wish to venture, it will be a process. If you have a puppy, it will be a perfect way to set them up for being used to it for the rest of their lives. Starting slow, for the 1st week, 3 – 4 times a week, use the end of your finger to rub their gums and teeth gently, getting them used to the feeling of something not only in their mouth but actually in contact with their teeth and gums. During the 2nd week, introduce some doggy toothpaste; in the 3rd ,a gentle brush.

Other options without the brush – water additives and doggy dental chews. A chewy treat once a day is always welcomed by our pets, so why not introduce one that has added benefits!

A change in diet – just as we want good quality food, and the things we eat affect our oral health, the same goes for your dog. Enquire at your vet or local pet supplies shop, they should be able to advise the best food for your dog not only to maintain their overall health but specifically that of their mouth.

Use of toys that will specifically strengthen their teeth and cause friction to dislodge plaque and/or tartar. Check out our recent blog on the best toys for your dog depending on their needs; https://www.studentco.co.za/choosing-the-right-toys-for-your-dog/

As with anything, prevention is better than cure! Introducing these couple of things into your dog’s lifestyle can really impact their health positively.

Simply put, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular vet visits will ensure nothing gets too out of control and keep your doggo happy and healthy!

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