10 April 2019
10 April 2019,

Showing your indoor cats the pleasures of the outdoors – safely!

Though the outdoors is full of new things to see and explore, many cat parents feel uncomfortable with letting their babies roam as freely as they traditionally would. After all, there genuinely are many risks out there we just don’t want our feline friends running in to!

Comical as the thought may appear at first, training your kitty to walk on a leash could be a great solution – he gets to enjoy the garden; you get peace of mind as he safely explores.

The best time to start training your cat is obviously as a kitten, but an older cat can also learn. It just takes some more time and patience, and a few helpful tips:

Introduce the leash and harness by hanging it near (or leaving it next to) his food bowl – as you know – cats are curious!

When your kitty is used to it, allow him to sniff at it, and provide a treat as a distraction….Then, gently slip the harness on!

This can get some getting used to – he may will freeze or walk funny for a short while, but the important thing is to keep at it! Before you know it, he’ll be used to it.

As your feline walks around, again, reward with treaties! Show him how well he is doing! This new weight or pressure, however light it may feel to you, feels a lot stranger than you would think…

Once you and your cat have combated the strange feeling, you can start introducing him to the big ol’ world outside! Some cats enjoy walking, while others may prefer simply lazing in the sun :).

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