StudentCo Pet Sitter Profile

Name of sitter: Simoné J

Area: Queenswood, Pretoria

Note: Simoné happily looks after pets who are not in her immediate area - driving is not a problem.

I am currently: completing a Diploma in Business and Marketing Management

Approved StudentCo pet sitter since: June 2019

Experience with animals and own pets

My first pet was a Toy Pom named Terry, and he given to me when I was 3 years old. We we’re inseparable until the age of 16! Yes, he was very old. Through the years I’ve had a few addons to my collection of pets but the weirdest so far has been our pet bunny Loafie and tortoise Frikkie.

From dogs, to hamsters, to Loafie and Frikkie I’ve found a love for horses. I regularly do horseback riding, and I’m currently training to becoming a guide.

Feedback from References

Reference 1

Being part of StudentCo means working with animals. In your opinion, would the above person be suitable for this type of work? Absolutely!

Would you describe him/her as an honest, reliable individual? Yes, I would.

Would you trust this person with your own children, home and pets? Yes, I would.

Please describe how you know this person:

Simone an I have been working together for quite some time.

Please confirm that you are not an immediate family member, romantic partner or close friend of the above person. Confirmed!

Additional notes:

I can honestly say she is a person with strong values and is very honest and caring toward all. She will be a great addition to your team!

StudentCo Client Reviews

Please note that not all pet parents complete our feedback questionnaire - for a full list of any sitter's experience, please do feel free to ask.