About our dog sitting service:

While an increasing number of hotels, guesthouses and the like are offering dog-friendly accommodation these days, sadly it’s still often impossible to take your beloved pooch along with you on holiday. This is especially true when you're traveling abroad or for business purposes. Our StudentCo pet sitters understand how important dogs are to pet parents, and just how difficult it is to leave them behind.

Dogs are highly social creatures by nature. They develop incredibly strong bonds with their humans and need companionship - especially in the case of ‘single children’! Putting them into an unfamiliar space like a boarding kennel with strange dogs and people they don’t know can be extremely stressful, both for them and for their worried parent. This is where our dog sitters in Johannesburg and the rest of the Gauteng can help.

Using a dog sitting service means your dog gets to keep their daily routine as much as possible, and stay in a familiar environment with all the comforting smells and sounds of home. Throw in a friendly, dog sitter to feed, groom, walk and play with them every day, and you can enjoy your time away knowing your best friend is being taken great care of.

In addition, you’ll know that someone’s around to keep an eye on your property, turn lights on and off, and make it less obvious that you’re away from home. Our dog sitters in Pretoria, Joburg, Centurion and across Gauteng are happy to help with basic household chores like pool maintenance, watering plants, etc. too.

The complimentary meet and greet with a Dog Sitter

Unlike most dog sitting companies, StudentCo offers you and your dog the chance to meet up with your potential dog sitter beforehand, completely free of charge. This gives you an opportunity to show them around your property, introduce them to your pets in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and see how they get along.

If you have any specific requests for your sitter, this is your chance to show them the ropes. You could take them along for your dog’s daily walk, show them your feeding routine, demonstrate how the alarm system works, and generally explain what you’d like them to care of while you're not around.

For your pets, this is also a great way to make friends with their dog sitter and get familiar with their scent. Seeing you relaxed and at ease with this new ‘member of the pack’ helps to create a sense of trust that will make the experience easier on all sides.

Help us help less fortunate animals

Last but not least, by making use of our pet sitting services, you’re also helping us support animals in need! Every month we set aside a portion of our budget to provide assistance to animal shelters and rescue services doing their part to help pets without loving families to take care of them.

Our dog / house sitters are chosen because of their love for animals, and many of them volunteer at a range of animal welfare organizations in their free time. Wherever we can, we provide additional assistance in the form of food, blankets, and other supplies – and it’s your support that makes this possible!

Dog sitting FAQ:

As animal lovers ourselves, we know you’ve probably got heaps of questions! Have a look at some of our FAQs below, or get in touch to find out more.

What does your dog sitting service include?

We have three main service level options for you to choose from for the duration we take care of your dog(s). Namely: once daily, twice daily, or overnight visits. If you’ve got more than one dog (meaning they can keep each other company during the day) and they're fairly used to being on their own, once or twice daily visits to feed and provide fresh water, groom, walk and play with them is probably sufficient. If you’ve got a single dog, or your pooches simply need a bit more attention, the stay-over / live-in option is likely right for you.

Regardless of which option you choose, our pet sitters can also take care of some standard household chores for you. This might include watering the garden, putting the bins out on rubbish day, setting the alarm at night (please make sure you share any relevant codes and processes with them!) and doing basic pool maintenance, etc. Please also let them know if you have a domestic worker or gardener who needs to be let in.

What do you charge?

Our current rates are as per our services page.

The meet and greet is free of charge, and you're under no obligation to go ahead with your booking should you decide not to for whatever reason.

We always aim to place sitters who live within a 10km radius of your home. If this is not possible however, we may need to add a petrol charge of R3.50 per km for the distance above 10km your sitter needs to travel in either direction. We will charge a maximum of R399 for fuel per booking though.

Is it possible for my dog sitter to send me updates and pictures while I’m away?

Absolutely! We aim to put your mind at ease every step of the way. You’ll receive detailed daily updates and pictures of your dogs via Whatsapp so you know your precious pooches are safe and happy. Kindly give your sitter the Wi-Fi password to help facilitate this and make it easy for them to get in touch with you when they're on the premises.

If you wish, our dog sitters will also send location pins to your phone each time they arrive at and leave your home. We want you to enjoy your holiday or business trip without worrying about your furbabies back home!

What happens in an emergency?

Should an issue with your home or pet arise, your sitter will first try and make contact with you and act on your instructions. If they’re unable to reach you, the emergency contact you’ve listed on your pet parent instructions will then be contacted.

If your dog sitter suspects your dog is in medical danger, they will make contact with your veterinarian immediately, or a 24 hour vet if the issue occurs outside of standard hours, or they're unable to make contact with your normal vet.

We recommend that you let your preferred vet know you’ll be away before you leave, so if your dog does need treatment, they’ll be able to act on your behalf.

Can I provide special instructions for my sitter about my dog’s needs?

Please do! The more detailed you can be on the Pet Parent Instruction Sheet, the better. In the unlikely event that another dog sitter has to take over, this information will come in very handy for their replacement.

Please take extra care to give clear instructions regarding any medications which need to be administered by your dog sitter, as well as any tick/flea treatments which need to be used. If they're used to receiving small treats from time to time, please also include this on the instruction sheet, as well as any directions for their grooming and other care if required.

Does StudentCo provide pet sitters near me?

We provide:

We always try and match our clients with sitters who live or study nearby to your home, so they’re able to spend as much time with your dogs as possible. This also means they know all the best spots for walks and playtime!

If your area is not listed above, we can still assist – we provide services throughout Gauteng.

Will the dog / house sitter clean up after themselves?

Our sitters know they're expected to leave your property in the condition they found it in. As live-in sitters will need to make use of the kitchen, they're also expected to wash their dishes and other cooking utensils, as well as keeping the bathroom and toilet clean. All our pet sitters know that keeping your property clean, safe and hygienic is important.

What happens if I have to come home sooner or later than planned?

In the event you need to return home sooner than expected, simply let us know as soon as you can so we can credit your account for the services not used. We can either refund you the difference, keep the credit on record for future bookings, or pay the extra amount over to your sitter as a tip if you prefer.

If you need to stay away longer and extend your service with us, please contact us to see if your sitter is available for the extra days. As our sitters are generally not booked back-to-back, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to stay on longer. If not, we can assign a suitable new sitter for the necessary period.

What training / vetting do your dog sitters receive?

All our dog sitters must pass a test on how to recognize veterinary emergencies as well as our rules and procedures before they start work. We also run a reference check on all applicants, and require them to apply for a valid Police Clearance certificate. All our sitters are at least 18 years of age. Many are regular volunteers at animal shelters, where they receive a range of hands-on practical experience with all sorts of creatures!

What am I expected to provide for the sitter?

For once- and twice-daily visiting dog sitters, we ask that you have basic tea and coffee making facilities available. You are not expected to provide food for overnight sitters, but please let them know if there is food they can help themselves to if they wish. Please provide clean bedding for live-in sitters.

We highly recommend that you leave some cash (we advise about R1000) with your sitter for unexpected expenses such as additional pet food and vet bills. Your sitter will keep all receipts for any household expenses which do arise, and will always run costs past you beforehand wherever possible.

Can my dog sitter look after my cat / birds / fish / other pets too?

Of course! Our pet sitters will be happy to feed and look after other animals, clean out litter trays, tanks and cages, etc. If you have several pets, please consider choosing the live-in option so your sitter has sufficient time to give each of them enough attention.

What makes your pet and house sitting service different from other dog sitters near me?

Our pet sitters are selected first and foremost because they love animals. This is more than just a way for them to make some extra cash – they find the experience extremely fulfilling on a personal level too. As a company, we’re passionate about pets, and guarantee each of your furbabies will receive the individual attention they so richly deserve.

Your dog depends on you for so much, and we know it can be heart wrenching to have to leave them behind. When you book a dog sitter through StudentCo, you can rest assured that they’ll get the best possible care when you're away. Get in touch today, and spoil your dog with the comfort of home!