22 January 2016

Private tutoring in Pretoria to start the New Year on an academic high

22 January 2016,

It is that time of the year again. Schools have reopened and soon universities will be welcoming new minds to the world of tertiary […]

22 December 2015

Robotic Tutors – The future of private tutors in Pretoria?

22 December 2015,

While the possibility of this happening is slim for us living in South Africa, robotic tutors are becoming a reality for other nations. They […]

30 September 2015

How maths tutors, and tutoring in Pretoria, have the power to reduce anxiety

30 September 2015,

It’s official. Tutoring has been proven to reduce fear and anxiety in children, especially those children who struggle with maths. You now have an […]

23 July 2015

All you need to know about tutors in Pretoria

23 July 2015,

You don’t have to feel the pressure mounting on your academic career when you have tutoring in Pretoria. The pressures of succeeding are felt […]