14 July 2016

The unexpected benefits for dog pet sitters in Pretoria

14 July 2016,

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” —Josh Billings (humorist and lecturer) There are plenty […]

1 February 2016

Pet sitters in Pretoria: A farewell to two gorgeous Chow Chows

1 February 2016,

At StudentCo, we are absolutely besotted with animals! Every week, we choose one StudentCo family to brag about, and also give you some fun […]

27 November 2015

The qualities all House sitters in Pretoria should have

27 November 2015,

House sitters in Pretoria provide a valuable service. When you leave your home to travel, for work or for pleasure, these are the people […]

24 July 2015

House sitters in Pretoria and pet sitters in Pretoria: Taking care of your home and fluffy family

24 July 2015,

House and pet sitters in Pretoria come to the rescue for your beloved hounds and kitties. As a pet owner, when you are planning […]