11 January 2019
11 January 2019,

Did you know that you can take your furkids with to parkrun?



With the first week of the new year behind us, we are all slowly starting to settle back into our routines. Back to work, back to school and for many of us – back to parkrun. For those of you, like myself, who have only ever done parkrun in one (maybe two) locations, it may be interesting to know that parkrun is indeed pet friendly (though only in select locations)!


Every year we promise ourselves that this year we are going to be healthier, this year we are going to get fitter and this year we are going to make more of an effort to be active! Well what better way to do so than to join parkrun? And who better to do it with than your fur baby?



What are the rules?


According to the parkrun website, well behaved doggies on leads are more than welcome, as long as their owners abide by the following important rules:


1. Only one dog per runner. Having multiple dogs per runner can become tricky to control and can result in injury to you, your pet or another runner on the road.

2. Dogs should be kept under firm control, on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and extreme care must be taken to avoid tripping other runners.

3. You are responsible for the welfare of your own dog.

4. You are expected to clean up after your own dog.



Tips for taking your dog to parkrun.


1. If you’re planning on taking your dog with to parkrun, always run at their pace!

2. Only take your dog with if you know that they enjoy running. Dogs that are unhappy with the idea of running with you may try to pull away, resulting in the potential tripping of other runners.

3. Running in a group can be distracting – introduce them slowly and make sure that they are comfortable with a large group of people. Talk to them whilst walking to calm them down if they are anxious about faster runners passing them by.



4. Make sure that there is always clean water available for them to drink at the end of their run.

5. Carry around a few plastic bags with you, incase your dogs mess. This is a responsibility you choose to take on when you take your dog out.

6. They need consistent exercise and training before the run, just like you!


Author: Andrea Wilkins


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