StudentCo Pet Sitter Profile

Name of sitter: Teresa G

Area: Wentworth Park, Krugersdorp

Note: Teresa happily looks after pets who are not in her immediate area - driving is not a problem.

Course of study: National Diploma in Tourism

Approved StudentCo pet sitter since: April 2019

Experience with animals and own pets

From a young age, we have always had animals in our house. I have been blessed enough to grow up in a family full of humanitarians and animal lovers.

We have two cats, Marmalade and Nala, who both love to sleep. We also have two dogs, Brighton, who's a chocolate Labrador, and Xena, who's a Ridgeback x Boerbull. Both our dogs are rescues from the SPCA and they stole our hearts instantly. They both have completely different temperaments and energy levels, but I love training them both and taking them to the dog park close by.

Although I've mostly looked after my animals, I love all breeds, big and small and I know each animal is unique and has their own personality. I have had previous experience volunteering at animal shelters and am a big supporter of adopting animals. No matter where you get your pets from, I would love and care for them as if they were my own.

Feedback from References

Reference 1

Being part of StudentCo means working with animals. In your opinion, would the above person be suitable for this type of work? Absolutely!

Would you describe him/her as an honest, reliable individual? Yes, I would.

Would you trust this person with your own children, home and pets? Yes, I would.

Please describe how you know this person:

I was Teresa's Biology teacher and mentor in high school, and later we became good friends. During this time I saw how Teresa grew and developed into taking on many responsibilities including teaching many young children during ballet lessons (since she's become a ballet teacher)

Please confirm that you are not an immediate family member, romantic partner or close friend of the above person. Confirmed!

Additional Notes?

Teresa is a conscientious and hardworking individual. She also loves animals and is also extremely reliable.

StudentCo Client Reviews

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