18 January 2019
18 January 2019,

Three practical and affordable ways to support your local SPCA



SPCA’s and animal shelters around the country are constantly struggling to keep their doors open. For every pup that goes out, two more come in. It is not an easy organisation to run and as a concerned citizen, lending a helping hand can sometimes be just as difficult.


The ideal form of support would be to adopt another pet, but as a mommy of four overly spoiled fur babies who can’t seem to fight the “just one more dog” mentality, I know how expensive and how much of a commitment adoption can be.


Volunteering is also a popular option, but finding time in our busy schedules can also be seemingly impossible for some. This is why I have put together these three practical and affordable ways to support your local SPCA:


Donate your Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper points


Did you know that you can actually transfer your Smart Shopper points to charity organisations, including the SPCA? This is a small and easy gesture that has the potential to change the lives of many fur babies.


Imagine this:


A family of 4 easily spends over R2000 on groceries per month. For every R1 spent, you are entitled to 1 Smart Shopper point. Then, for every 1000 points you accumulate, you are entitled to R10 off your next purchase. Assuming that you are a regular shopper, you are easily building up 12 000 points in a 6 month period. This equates to R120. Not nearly enough to sustain your family for an evening meal, but certainly enough for a decent bag of pellets that will keep every pup at your local SPCA’s belly full for at least two nights.



If one person did this, it would take a slight bit weight off the SPCA’s shoulders, but if every single animal-loving Pick ‘n Pay shopper donated their points, we would have the potential to sustain our local SPCAs for weeks – even months – with very minimal effort. Food for thought.


How do I donate my Smart Shopper points?


This is the easy part. All you have to do make your way to the Smart Shopper kiosk on your next grocery trip. From there, you simply swipe your card, select “Share my points”, scroll over to charities, click on the SPCA, click transfer and then it’s done!


If you can’t donate food or money, donate things


It is not always easy for all of us to comfortably get through each month, let alone have enough money left over to give to the SPCA – being a student, I know all about the struggle. Monetary donations are also tricky because you can’t always be sure that your cash donations are being used for what you intended. 



Donating old clothing, appliances and books (amongst many other things) is a great way to help out your local SPCA without breaking the bank. Many SPCA’s have charity shops on site and many of them also auction off donations to raise the necessary funds to keep their furry residents comfortable and well looked after.


A little bit of spring cleaning every few months never hurt anyone, and it could have the potential to unearth some unwanted treasures that could keep the SPCA running smoothly for years to come.


Sign up to their newsletter


The SPCA’s newsletter is a great way to keep up to date with important news regarding the SPCA. This information can include anything from special events and volunteer days, to a wishlist of items that the SPCA desperately needs in order to keep things running.



Author: Andrea Wilkins


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