7 December 2018
7 December 2018,

The Pyramid Vet Superheroes


Chris, one of the superheroes!


Pyramid Veterinary Clinic in Waterval, Pretoria is home to two of the most humble vets StudentCo has ever had the pleasure to hear about. We were first made aware of them by Simone, a new StudentCo team member who wanted to get involved in our charity work.


She asked if we had a bit of money left over in our charity budget to donate kitty milk to the Pyramid vets, and in the process, told us all about them. We were so moved by her stories, that we decided to pay tribute to them in this week’s blogpost – along with donating the kitty milk, of course!


What makes them superheroes?


According to Simone, Chris and Shannon are the the most compassionate and caring vets she has ever met and she is so grateful that she has the opportunity to work with them.


“As a veterinary science student, I am always thinking about what it will be like when I start practicing one day and I worry that I won’t have enough experience – but Shannon and Chris are giving me so many opportunities to learn and giving me the confidence I need to become a great vet. Although the teaching methods can be a little intimidating at times, I enjoy every second of it because they are making me into the vet I’ve always wanted to be – passionate, caring, professional and honest. And that’s exactly how they are!” – Simone.


Shannon, the other superhero, with Alix, her assistant.


Chris and Shannon help organisations like Paws Love and Wollies Animal Shelter, and do their very best to help every animal that comes in, regardless of where it comes from. On Tuesdays, they do a lot of sterilisations for Wollies and their record number of sterilisations in one day is just over 40 dogs and cats!


They also have a really great assistant, Alix, who’s teaching Simone a lot of technical and supportive aspects of running a veterinary clinic. “She’s extremely patient and a great teacher as well. I couldn’t have come so far without her helping me through the demanding days of a private practice veterinary clinic.” – Simone.


Chris in action!


They are also excellent at treating Parvo. Parvo is a horrible disease that destroys the animal’s gut lining and makes them very depressed. Chris and Shannon treat them really well and give them lots of attention, and the majority of them come out happy and healthy!


The Story of Houdini


Houdini is a gorgeous little stray dog that crept into everyone’s hearts over at Pyramid Veterinary Clinic, after being brought in by concerned animal lovers in the area.

Houdini fully healed and on a walk.

He was having trouble walking on his back leg and so Chris and Shannon did a radiograph and discovered that Houdini’s leg was very badly broken. They decided to amputate his leg and while they were preparing for surgery, Houdini, the little escape artist, managed to get out of his cage and ran away.

After ages and ages of searching, they finally found him in a nearby area and performed the surgery. Chris and Shannon kept and looked after him for weeks, making sure he received enough care so that he could heal properly. He is the sweetest and most loving little character and is absolutely loaded with personality. His adoption is currently pending and he will hopefully be moving into his new home soon!


Let’s not forget about Simone!


Simone, herself, is also quite the hero! She has rescued and fostered two separate litters of kittens, feeding and caring for them out of her own resources (and with help from Chris and Shannon, of course), due to them almost being put down because of ridiculous things, such as diarrhoea and snuffles!

Many of the kittens she has cared for have found loving homes and that would not be possible without the love and care Simone gave them!


Simone in action!


As animal lovers ourselves, we are immensely grateful for everything Chris, Shannon, Simone and everyone else at Pyramid Veterinary Clinic has done to help save animals living in Pretoria. They dedicate their time, resources and a whole lot of love, and we couldn’t be prouder! Keep up the good work, guys!


Author: Simone Brown and Andrea Wilkins


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