27 November 2015
27 November 2015,

House sitters in Pretoria provide a valuable service.

When you leave your home to travel, for work or for pleasure, these are the people who temporarily move into your home space to make sure that everything is kept safe and secure while you are away.They are trustworthy, usually screened by a house sitting company or organisation, and they will usually have a bit of experience behind their names that will vouch for their reliability and suitability for the job.

All house sitters in Pretoria come with certain qualities that make them suitable for the job. Regardless of their age or day time occupation, all great house sitters in Pretoria have a few qualities that are unique to them and their profession.

The best house sitters have these qualities

The best house sitters have these qualities

The next time you are looking for a house sitter in the Pretoria area, consider whether or not they have these qualities:

1. A great house sitter is committed

Agreeing to house sit for someone is a commitment. The person for whom you are house sitting is going to expect you to be reliable and to see out the period of time that you have agreed to house sit. One of the main reasons why a person will hire a house sitter is because they want their home to have that appearance of having someone at home while they are away. This is because they want would be robbers to be deterred. In order for this to work they will want you to remain at their home for the entire duration of their being away, this is of course, something you are agreeing to do.

So whether you agree to stay in their home for one month or for three days, do not skip out even if you lose interest or a better job offer comes along. Not only will you be breaking a promise made to the person for whom you will be house sitting, but you will also be damaging your reputation for being reliable. Should something unexpected come up and force you to give up the job halfway through you should make a plan that will enable someone else to take over. Whatever you do, don’t leave your client high and dry.

2. A great house sitter is responsible

Being a house sitter is a hugely responsible job. It entails you taking care of someone’s biggest possession, and occasionally it can include taking care of someone’s furry family. Sometimes when you are undertaking the responsibility of house sitting, you will be taking on the responsibility of pet sitting as well. The house sitter is also going to be responsible for a number of other things including maintaining the garden and doing household chores. Usually, the house sitter and the home owner will discuss what is expected of the house sitter before they undertake the job.

House sitters in Pretoria usually double as reliable pet sitters when necessary

House sitters in Pretoria usually double as reliable pet sitters when necessary

The house sitter will do the routine jobs around the house to make sure that the day to day operating of the house will carry on as usual, without any interruptions such as a blocked sink flooding the house. A great house sitter is going to happily take on the responsibility to which they have agreed, and they are going to do all that is expected of them.

As many house sitters will double up as pet sitters in Pretoria, most of the great house sitters in Pretoria will have a love for animals. Not only will they have a love for animals but they will also know that pets need more than just food and water, they also need company, love and exercise. If a family pet becomes I’ll while its human family is away, the house sitter will have to make sure that the pet gets the medical attention that it needs.
In order to be a really great house sitter, make sure that while the homeowners are still at home, you go through each other’s contact details to make double sure that the details are accurate. Allowing them to get hold of you and for you to get hold of them, should the need to contact one another arise.

3. A great house sitter has respect for the home owner and the home

Homeowners take a big risk. They are basically letting a stranger into their homes and trusting that the stranger will respect their home. And if you want to leave a job with a great reputation that will allow you to continue working within the industry, you will have to treat the homeowner and their home with the utmost respect. You can start your building of trust by displaying your good manners. A simple polite greeting, a please and a thank you, will go a long way. Manners never go out of fashion and they are always going to make a great impression.

When the homeowner gets back home they will expect to find their home in the same condition that they left it in. This means it should be neat and tidy, without any of your personal touches left behind. To show your respect to the homeowner and their home, make sure that you do not move their furniture around and if you find that you have to move something, make sure that you move it back to where you found it before you leave the home.

Pet sitters and house sitters in Pretoria will make sure your pet is kept happy and healthy, while your home is kept safe

Pet sitters and house sitters in Pretoria will make sure your pet is kept happy and healthy, while your home is kept safe

One of the biggest ways to disrespect the homeowner is to allow people into their home who they have not given you permission to allow in. This includes friends, family and pets. Their home is not a hotel for you to have fun in and it is not a party place. This is not just an ethical consideration but by letting someone else into a home that you are house sitting, without the owner’s permission, could result in a breach of contract and you could be facing a court case.

House sitting can open up a whole new world of opportunity and this can be a life altering job if you are a student just getting the hang of the working world. Student house sitters in Pretoria are trustworthy and they can take care of every aspect of your home while making sure that your pets are well taken care of.

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